kazakhston pilaf-Dairy
    There are dairy foods made from milk, goat's milk, horse's milk and camel milk. There are yoghurt, pimple, pimple milk yellow, black milk knots, knots and other sweet milk. These nutrients are extremely rich in dairy products. Through modern technology made milk drinks such as "Ice Dream milk drink", in the case of top grade yogurt, its excellent taste, selling the country. The mare's milk alcohol sweet and sour, cream color, alcohol content of up to several degrees, not only Kazakh favorite drink, but also entertain guests Yuye nectar. Kazakh cream products are mainly three :( butter) "Sale Ma Yi", "countable dry" two "on clothes mark," the. The first two are made of whipped cream, the latter is by floating cream above the cooked milk.After the"Sale Ma Yi" is  made and then packed in Yang Du yard for winter consumption.

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