Aletai xinjiang specialty

Altay specialty

Altay think, most people's reaction is - gold! But this does not go to buy it. Altay came to buy some local specialties, horseradish, wild mushrooms, honey is a good choice. Altay melon is also very delicious, but sugar is too difficult to save, let your stomach good to remember this taste just fine.
Kazakh Diet - Na Ren
This cuisine is also called sodium-jen grasping the meat. Approach is: after the sheep or horse slaughter, the meat or horse meat cut into chunks, press legs, ribs, chest and other parts of the block, along with a sheep's head, liver, heart, lung and other heating cooking together in the pot, after boiling, skim Xuemo. Usually two hours to cook. Salt soup meat, onions. After meat cooked with juice or broth and cook pasta dough sheet, remove dish, put the dough sheet on the bottom of the plate, a piece of meat on top, after the meat with a knife chopped mixed together with the surface, and sprinkle some spicy noodles, onion and other spices at the end, and then eat with your hands, which is the mutton faces. After eating, the owner must be invited guests drink a bowl of broth juice to meet the "soup of the original food," the purpose.

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