The Quest 2-Day tour about Keketuohai, irtysh Grand Canyon, God Zhongshan, III pit
Keketuohai tourist attractions located in the Altay Mountains in central southern slope of Zhongshan belt. Keketuohai, Mongolian, meaning "blue bay." Originated near Irtysh just running through the town, it is the origin of the town name.
The amount of area within 尔齐斯 river scenery steep mountains, boulders and boulder mountain singular form, constitutes vivid animal and character modeling; shady pine forest clouds, sunny and white birch distributed between the peaks and rocks, flowers Goudi lush, during the distribution of the many hot springs, day and night flow, water contains many minerals, many diseases have a certain effect. Keketuohai resort include: Dadonggou birch, Yeyahu, Keketuohai 3rd hole, small Shimen, Shizhongshan, spa, Irtysh River upstream scenery, the amount of the headwaters of the treasure-hunting area and other attractions. Scenic areas within the beautiful natural landscape, sights higher grade, a good combination, and Edward said Brad Waukesha permanent pasture, Fuhai Butterfly Spring Valley in eastern Altay constitute a beautiful landscape of mountain.

Day 1 [car] Keketuohai Urumqi (535 km with about 7.5 hours)
Breakfast: self   Lunch: self Dinner: self Accommodation: Keketuohai
Cocoa Sullivan own to guide the unified collection point notified by car along State Road 216, via: Huoshaoshan, Karameh hoofed animal protection area, then you can have the opportunity to see protecting animals E.przewalskii national level, visit [cocoa Su in scenic (tour about 30 minutes), after Irene wood Lake, arrived in Xinjiang extremely cold, winter seven months a year, even more than the Northeast Mohe snow --- Keketuohai town, visit Keketuohai proud people and the whole people of Xinjiang, the Chinese people's feats ground - Three pit (visit 30 minutes), here unearthed tantalum, niobium, beryllium and other metals and non-metallic minerals, aerospace industry for the country to repay foreign debt to break the nuclear monopoly made an outstanding contribution to post-occupancy hotel. Attractions: colorful city sights 80 yuan / person, Keketuohai gallery 50 yuan / person

The first two days Keketuohai [car] Urumqi-way about 550 km
Breakfast: self   Lunch: self Dinner: self Accommodation:no
Keketuohai National Geopark early visit [Keketuohai National Geopark (tour about 2 hours) take the cable car passes through rich stone turtle, birch, couple trees, Shimen and other attractions to visit Keketuohai famous landmark --- God Zhongshan, (depending on the scenic road into the canyon to see whether the end) was along the Irtysh, (according to their physical) Irtysh foot deep canyon, in a specified time by shuttle car returned. After lunch drive back to Urumqi, the end of a pleasant trip Keketuohai!

Attractions: ancient sea spa 100 yuan / person

1. Pay attention to safety away from home, to remind please carry valuables, take good care of personal property and carry documents.
2. Stroke risk in various activities please pay attention to safety and capabilities.
3. Please bring rain, sunscreen, anti-bites supplies and commonly used drugs.
4. Park larger temperature difference between morning and evening, pay attention to add clothing.
5. Winter resorts Keketuohai average temperature of about -30 ° C, tourists into the area, please note weatherization.
6. ROAD SAFETY: Winter enter Keketuohai area, big slippery snow, in order to ensure personal safety, it is recommended to drive off-road vehicles, to ensure that the speed and the use of anti-skiing area, while doing other traffic measures, please keep an eye park resort Weather Forecast
Keketuohai National Geopark
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