(A),Wulumuqi - Fuyun County - Keketuohai scenic road presentation
1, 216 State Line Road: State Road 216 from the line from the Altay, the Beitun - Kalatongke copper-nickel mine - to Urumqi balun station, in the territory of Fuyun County length 254 km. The road belongs to Grade III, roadbed width of 10 meters, 7 meters wide road. Fuyun - Urumqi highway mileage of 480 kilometers.
2, Highway 226 line: The road turned Fuyun County and State Road 216, a total length of 24 km highway rating of three, roadbed width of 10 meters, width of pavement 7 m.
3, Fuyun - Keketuohai 824 Line: The road length of 54 kilometers, the asphalt pavement.
(B), Wulumuqi - Fuyun County - Keketuohai scenic travel tips
1, car travel: to Urumqi Nianzigou Bus Station (Tel: 0991-5878898 Address: Heilongjiang Road, one week in advance ticket sales.) Take Urumqi - Fuyun County coach, two shifts a day, 11:30 am departure, about 7 hours after arrival, the fare of about 105 yuan. 20:30 departure (sleeper), arriving around 6:00 the next morning. 110-120 yuan fare after arrival Fuyun County, then take Fuyun County - Keketuohai green taxi (at Fuyun Terminal), arrived Keketuohai. Or directly by Urumqi - Keketuohai town green coach, arrived Keketuohai town. Remarks Fuyun trips to Urumqi: 11:00 am departure, about 7 hours after arrival. Tickets: 108 yuan. 19:00 departure (sleeper), arriving around 6:00 the next morning. 110-120 yuan fare. Phone: 0906-8722529. Three days in advance ticket sales.
2, travel by car: drive from Urumqi to depart happy Fukang City intersection, along the front line of State Road 216, from the Urumqi - Wucaiwan - Karameh hoofed Wildlife Sanctuary (There are wild horses, Mongolian gazelle, etc. protection of animals) - Qiaku Er diagram (there toll, usually lunch here) - Fuyun county (Highway 226 along the line) - Keketuohai town (along with views of the cocoa Sullivan and Irene wood lake views).
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