Keketuohai, Karameh hoofed Wildlife Sanctuary Three-Day Tour

First day: Urumqi / Koktokay / irtysh Grand Canyon
Su Keketuohai
After breakfast travel to Keketuohai, traveling in China's second largest desert Gurban edge of the desert, watching the fire Mountains, Xinjiang is the largest pathway Wildlife Sanctuary - Karameh hoofed wildlife protection area, enjoy the vast desert, the vast Gobi, colorful hills and low mountains groaning prime mysterious, wild donkeys, geese gazelle, a leisurely stroll E.przewalskii; along Line 842 through 108 bends, feel WUQIA earthquake rift ditch, visit North South Cocoa Sullivan - aka Yeyahu, red geese gathered swan, ducks Mimizaza, chased; reed autumn wind, a wind a scene, a cappella crooning, elegant rhyme flow. China's second Pole of Cold Irene Wood Lake - lake deep blue ink, quiet as a giant mirror, mountains, clouds, pink clouds reflecting on it, like a Chinese painting the edges of the spill. Sometimes birds flying, leaving a string of sweet melody tempted; sometimes the wind blowing, blowing wrinkle a pool of water, setting off a ripple layers; sometimes a shepherd singing, melodious echoes, filled the lake. Keketuohai arrived, tour irtysh Grand Canyon, Canyon to the beautiful river valleys, rocks forest, mineral resources, waterfall spa is a natural characteristics, geological and cultural integration, regional characteristics, ethnic style in one, watch the Altai Mountains landmarks God Zhongshan, known as Zhongshan travel, security and peace of the moral life.
The next day: irtysh Grand Canyon / Shuimogou resort
Su Keketuohai
Hiking Shuimogou resort, its ditch gurgling streams, there seems beautiful woman whispering muttered, such as play, such as complaints; little flowers on the grass, as if deep eye full of tears shining, the breeze slowly, such as language, like pine birch elegant dance, breasts peak, Longevity and other pictographic rocks, natural, beautiful scenery, well-proportioned, with a great mountain landscape. Deep valley is rich in minerals, rich in precious stones, inlaid with precious stones lake, swim in which Mountain View, tours tree, hydrophilic, Lucky gas, well-deserved reputation. Tourists stroll or Stream, or wading through insurance, Winton warm sun, leisurely Nanshan, wanton in return to nature.
First day: birch resort / III pit / Urumqi
After breakfast the morning of the tour by light romantic island - birch resort, which consists of three different sizes of birch continent composed mainly white birch, Siberian bitter Yang for the times, for the boreal forest broadleaved secondary forest mountain. Nongyinbiri spring and summer, flowers everywhere, casual cool air, do not have fun. Fall hours, dyed golden trees, bridges, soothing, like a fantasy wonderland. After lunch concept exploits Three pit mine - one of the world's largest known and most typical granite veins containing rare metal ore, after five years of mining, transport cambium spin tub ring road, like a Roman giant Colosseum, spectacular momentum; had repaid about 40% of the external debt of the Republic. End of the trip back to Urumqi.

1. Pay attention to safety away from home, to remind please carry valuables, take good care of personal property and carry documents.
2. Stroke risk in various activities please pay attention to safety and capabilities.
3. Please bring rain, sunscreen, anti-bites supplies and commonly used drugs.
4. Park larger temperature difference between morning and evening, pay attention to add clothing.
5. Winter resorts Keketuohai average temperature of about -30 ° C, tourists into the area, please note weatherization.
6. ROAD SAFETY: Winter enter Keketuohai area, big slippery snow, in order to ensure personal safety, it is recommended to drive off-road vehicles, to ensure that the speed and the use of anti-skiing area, while doing other traffic measures, please keep an eye park resort Weather Forecast
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