Through attractions: the colorful city, Karameh hoofed animal protection area, Keketuohai, Ulungur Lake, Jili Lake Wetland, Fuhai
Line Details:
D1: Urumqi - colorful city - Karameh hoofed animal protection area - Qiaku Er FIG town (watch lambing nursery, Kazak herdsmen relocation of production and living scene (Apr 15 - May 15), taste characteristics diet) - Cocoa Sullivan Lake (bird watching photography) - Three mine geology - Geological Museum Keketuohai - Fuyun Keketuohai town (enjoy the folk performances, taste the local diet), persistent Keketuohai town;
D2: Keketuohai town - Geological Museum - irtysh Grand Canyon area - birch - Shizhongshan (performance area to watch folk performances) - Season Grande Spa - Iron buy g township (watch lambing nursery, Kazak herdsmen relocation family production and living scene (May 15 - June 15)) - double support Park (the amount of river stone hall) - the town library irtysh pastoral Knorr (taste characteristics diet), persistent Fuyun County;
D3: Fuyun County - Beitun - Wulungu Lake (fishing, bird watching) - Kyrgyzstan Lake Wetland (Watch fishing) - Fuhai County farmhouse (enjoy the folk performances, taste the local diet), persistent Fuhai County;
D4: return.

1. Pay attention to safety away from home, to remind please carry valuables, take good care of personal property and carry documents.
2. Stroke risk in various activities please pay attention to safety and capabilities.
3. Please bring rain, sunscreen, anti-bites supplies and commonly used drugs.
4. Park larger temperature difference between morning and evening, pay attention to add clothing.
5. Winter resorts Keketuohai average temperature of about -30 ° C, tourists into the area, please note weatherization.
6. ROAD SAFETY: Winter enter Keketuohai area, big slippery snow, in order to ensure personal safety, it is recommended to drive off-road vehicles, to ensure that the speed and the use of anti-skiing area, while doing other traffic measures, please keep an eye park resort Weather Forecast
Keketuohai National Geopark
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