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Day 1 Urumqi

Urumqi airport, check in hotel

The first two days in Urumqi / Tianchi / Wucaiwan

After breakfast drive to Tianshan Tianchi, overlooking a distance of "God peak" reputation of Bogda peaks, view Tianchi eight - a pool of blue lines mountain, peaks spruce competing enchanting; coastal pines and cypresses, Tobacco storage enclosures; mountains green grass, the sheep wander. Lakes and mountains, beautiful. Arrival Wucaiwan - A strange, mysterious, spectacular and celebrated, colorful, poetic: place in them, people feel like walked into a painting, a toner personally penned by the abstract nature of art .

Accommodation: Wucaiwan

The first three days Wucaiwan / Keketuohai

After breakfast departure from Wucaiwan, via Karameh hoofed wildlife Nature Reserve - can enjoy the vast desert, the vast Gobi, colorful hills and low mountains groaning prime mysterious, wild donkeys, geese gazelle, E.przewalskii stroll laid back. Browse along the North South cocoa Sullivan - aka Yeyahu, red geese gathered swan, ducks Mimizaza, chased; reed autumn wind, a wind a scene, a cappella crooning, elegant rhyme flow. China's second Pole of Cold Irene Wood Lake - lake deep blue ink, quiet as a giant mirror, mountains, clouds, pink clouds reflecting on it, like a Chinese painting the edges of the spill. Sometimes birds flying, leaving a string of sweet melody tempted; sometimes the wind blowing, blowing wrinkle a pool of water, setting off a ripple layers; sometimes a shepherd singing, melodious echoes, filled the lake. Three Meritorious pit mine - the world's largest known and most typical of granite veins containing rare metal ore, after five years of mining, transport cambium spin tub ring road, like a giant Roman Jungle field, spectacular momentum; had repaid about 40% of the Republic's external debt. Keketuohai arrived, Grand Canyon tour Irtysh - surging river, rolling west flow, Man Jiang Bitou, water hit rock phase, the snow piled up a thousand. Peaks confrontation, endless, bell-shaped towering dome calm, tapered cold, birch, Shuimogou, God Zhongshan, trunk peak, camel peak, Condor Peak ...... water, mountain, tree, stone, people echoed, exposure to which, reminding us of scenes in Wonderland fantasy.

Accommodation: Keketuohai

The first four days Keketuohai / Hemu

After breakfast departure from the KEKETUOHAI go, "God, plots" prairie grasses - Man Po shady grass, flowers, fragrant, flowers honey bees, sheep foraging Sahuan hillsides, vast school of charming prairie scenery, is a great place to shoot the morning scene.

Accommodation: Hemu

The first five days Hemu / Kanas

After breakfast departure by the Hemu Kanas went to fairyland - having forceful Northland scenery, the landscape of southern Johnson show, plus the "sea of clouds Buddha", "color Lake", "driftwood Long Beach," "monster" and other scenic spots , it can be regarded as the Western Regions in Wonderland, "mankind's last piece of pure land." Along the way enjoy the Altay prairie Shiren - all work fine, full round, there are green-brown, there are copper yellow, male and female, three golden grassland guard, is the only national grasslands cultural relics. Upon arrival Dajia Deng Yu Che Fu ride interval Kanas Lake, enjoy Moon Bay, Wolong Bay, Sanctuary Cove, tour the mysterious Kanas Lake.

Accommodation: Kanas

Jiadengyu transfers

The first six days Kanas / White Haba

White Haba village is located between China and Kazakhstan border line, beautiful, simple folk; the sun shines on the Altai snow, embraced the Villa, a golden birch forest, creek meanders through, the smoke curl flowing , flocks of sheep walking slowly walked out from their house constituting depicting beautiful picture under the warm sunshine.

Accommodation: White Haba

The first seven days of white Haba / black Hemu / Karamay

Explore the natural magical landscape - Urho Ghost City - also known as Urho Windy City, a distance, but not fondle Yan; distance of the spectacular and majestic, nature gods sigh deeply city, terror extraordinary; hills or shaped like a Pagoda of Six Harmonies, or shaped like the Temple of Heaven, or shaped like Angkor Wat; seasonal winds continue, due to the carved bare stone floor grotesque, or Ziyaliezui, like a monster; or risk table tall, stack butterfly clearly, the shape Castle; or like pavilions, canopies top hearted; or like the grand palace, proudly. Really wonderful, it is imagination. Whenever the wind, Feishazoudan, incredibly hard, blame the fans away. The airflow arrow rocks in the hills between the shuttle maneuver, shrill sound, such as wolves howl Tigers, ghosts and spirits, if bleak night in the moonlight, surrounded by Su cable, the situation is more terror. It is a great place for shooting evening. GETTING oil town of Karamay, hundreds of kilometers on both sides of the window wells, clouds, spectacular.

Accommodation: Karamay

The first eight days Karamay / Sailimu

After breakfast, went to Xinjiang's largest alpine lake - Sailimu: Every winter snows Chung hydrogel, like the white soft silk hold a piece of green jade, summer, lakeside Lin Jian Qing, Mao grass flower fan; because the warm Atlantic wet gas stream finally favored place, so Salim also known as "Atlantic last tear."

Accommodation: Sailimu

The first nine days Sailimu / Guozigou / Nalati

After Guozigou, after watching the Tianshan dense coniferous forest, go-Kazakhstan border - Horgos Port. Ride through the beautiful Ili River Valley, to the depths of the Tianshan Mountains, aerial sightseeing Nalati prairie - like a mosaic in the yellow satin emerald, especially bright; rolling hills, green grass, both vast grassland, there soft stream; both mountains handsome, another loose Lin Rutao momentum; exposure which is expected to make a spring snow day can be entered seasons, thermal hot springs, cold snow creek, green grassland , shortage there desert.

Accommodation: Nalati

The first 10 days Nalati / Bayinbuluke

Travel to Bayinbuluke prairie - green grass, cattle and sheep flocks, the mountains surround rivers such as band, vast undulating terrain, plant variety. Here vast, flat, lush, well-known Swan Lake sits on the plains; swan lake grass lush, cool wet climate, beautiful scenery; in the morning, when the distant smoke curl rising yurts, large and small The swans, some began to open, and some begin foraging, some diligent swan, wings grazing the lake, flying horse, sheep and yurts, hovering in the distant valley. The sun rises, the snow-capped mountains reflection gradually clear up, duck, lark, lark and other waterfowl on the lake off a lively "birds Cantata", while the number of swans resting more and more. Swan sleeping posture Thatcher, which is inserted under the neck wings, or lying ground or grass stand on one leg, or float on the water surface. Evening is the swan feeding peak. In this case, all the swans in the lake danced the exquisite "water ballet." They sometimes upside down, almost vertically extending into the water body; sometimes catch floating stems, neck and rotate back and forth; sometimes people squatting bushes, searching delicate little grass. Swan large long neck it has an elegant posture, when feeding, it can be bent neck twisting, draw a road smooth arc.

Accommodation: Bayinbuluke

The first 11 days in Urumqi

After breakfast go to Urumqi, to send missions.

1. Pay attention to safety away from home, to remind please carry valuables, take good care of personal property and carry documents.
2. Stroke risk in various activities please pay attention to safety and capabilities.
3. Please bring rain, sunscreen, anti-bites supplies and commonly used drugs.
4. Park larger temperature difference between morning and evening, pay attention to add clothing.
5. Winter resorts Keketuohai average temperature of about -30 ° C, tourists into the area, please note weatherization.
6. ROAD SAFETY: Winter enter Keketuohai area, big slippery snow, in order to ensure personal safety, it is recommended to drive off-road vehicles, to ensure that the speed and the use of anti-skiing area, while doing other traffic measures, please keep an eye park resort Weather Forecast
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