Wind and Smoke billowing Kazakh nomads transition season

Autumn, is Altay Kazakh steppe nomads began large-scale transition time, hundreds of transitions herders, form continuous, mighty army, trails, dusty, smoke billowing, became Altay unique prairie landscape.
Kazakh is one of the world's leading nomads, also known as the "nation on horseback." They brave tough childhood, singing and dancing, riding superb, in many places still maintain the original lifestyle.

Every October Kazakh nomads like migratory birds, migratory mighty from higher elevations in summer and autumn pasture to pasture, and finally to one hundred kilometers away wintering grounds. Like them traditional life transitions has lasted nearly 3,000 years. In ancient Chinese literature and history books, put the nomadic regime has aptly called "Line State", the founding of this is by water nomadic livestock.
They are like people chasing the sun.
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