The geological sience tourism Development strategy
Abstract: In recent years, rapid development of geological science tourism, national geological park construction in the ascendant, but academic research is lagging behind, not timely, scientific and guide the healthy development of geological science tourism. Our geological science travel there over the pursuit of economic interests and the protection of contempt, too much interpretation system filled with myths and legends stories and other issues, an urgent need to strengthen the academic research and theoretical innovation.
Keywords: geological science tourism National Geopark
    First, the concept of tourism and the development of geological science and research status
With the vigorous development of domestic tourism, tourism people are no longer satisfied with mere sightseeing tour, and hope to make a sightseeing tour at the same time improve their scientific literacy, broaden their horizons, cultivate body and mind. Tourism can not simply meet the modern pursuit of a higher level of tourism. Because science tourism psychological knowledge to meet people, have fun and educational role, and therefore favored by tourists, tourism is becoming a hot spot.
Geological heritage tourism geological science as a branch of science tourism is having a higher aesthetic ornamental value, special scientific value, rare natural attributes and has typical significance as the foundation, to the people to popularize knowledge of tourism products.
Currently geological science tourism has become an important form of popular science tourism, especially since the September 2000 under the Ministry of Land Resources issued a "declaration of national geopark notice" since the end of 2005, China has successively declared 85 countries geological parks and 12 World Geopark, geological science tourism has developed rapidly. Geoparks not only for the protection of geological heritage has made tremendous contributions to the development of geological science but also for tourism provides a good condition. However, according to the author of 2001-- roughly Statistics 2005 related papers, the current geological science research paper is not too much tourism, tourism for geological science from other forms of tourism uniqueness of geological heritage into how to improve the geological science tourism products, geological park planning and design aspects of the inquiry is not deep enough penetration, indicating academic study of geological science tourism is lagging behind in the industry status quo booming, not timely, scientific and guide the healthy development of geological science tourism, and therefore an urgent need strengthen academic research and theoretical innovation.
Geological science tourism by tourists of all ages, because in the past the landscape tourism, all kinds of strange landscape nature caused by people, can not give a scientific explanation, would give it a lot of gods ghost legends. With the development of science, which has gradually unable to meet tourists. Especially with the popularity of geological sciences, people prefer to use the modern theory to explain the magic ax magic of nature. This science of the tourism landscape of the trend, to meet today's people to pursue science, the pursuit of knowledge, the concept of civilization.
    Second, generate Geopark, significance and existing problems
Geopark is of special scientific significance, rare natural attributes, elegant aesthetic ornamental value, a certain size and distribution, there is a typical representative of significant geological heritage as the main body, and integration of certain other natural landscape or cultural landscape constituted area.
Our National Geopark is created under the Global Geoparks Network Plan to promote the late 20th century in the UNESCO proposed lead organization established by the Ministry of Land Resources. It appears, so that tourists sightseeing while access to knowledge, to effectively protect the precious relics of geological features, the international community has been highly appreciated by UNESCO in the country has also been the tourism industry, scenic community great attention and a warm welcome to domestic and foreign tourists, and produce good economic, social and environmental benefits. Some little-known resort in the past after a national geological park fame greatly increased visitor arrivals and the reception ticket sales have increased significantly.
However, due to various reasons, there are some problems in the development of geoparks.
1, blind development, neglect protection. Geological science in recent years tourism enormous economic benefits, some local governments driven by economic interests, the presence of excessive pursuit of economic interests and contempt protection, low-level blind development, close redundant construction and other issues in development, such as some Geopark in the sensitive area in the heart of the big building, too much, too dense buildings destroyed the natural beauty and landscape, reducing the aesthetic value of the geological features.
2, the construction of roads lack of careful reasoning. The development of tourism to build roads, it seems understandable, but according to US scholars and highways are a double-edged sword, it brings convenient transportation, it would also destroy the mountain, leading to soil erosion and road repair to where business opportunities are difficult to control it will follow to where the potential threat of over-exploitation will follow where. For example, some geological parks, road repair to the core area, eat and drink Lazard also goes to the core area, resulting in environmental pollution and destruction of the landscape unquenchable. Therefore, the road lead? Whether to enter the core area of the road? And so on, we must go through careful argument, sometimes the road is not within easy reach, the better, and to consider a variety of factors, even far away, in order to guide the layout of commercial service facilities, and the core area to maintain an appropriate distance.
3, Geopark Interpretation System as signs (including the establishment of geoparks and geological attractions guide Introduction Guide), earth science interest interpretation panels (monument) and guides and other words full of excessive number of myths legends, science is insufficient.
Some domestic and interpretation system Geopark guide words, for some geological attractions and natural phenomena, often starting from pictograms, chock-full far-fetched, vulgar, and even myths and legends or historical stories fabricated. Some geological park managers are misconceptions guidance that will promote tourism bold imagination need not be too serious, keen on making things up Luanche complacent. We see the guide words on a geological park Danxia Geopark in Guangdong website, word throughout 5500, to learn about the science knowledge of writing only 100 words. This commentary, guides potter praises like forever for a small number of visitors may have some interesting and attractive, but too many myths and legends story, due to lack of knowledge, can not meet the tourists desire for knowledge, so many visitors aversion psychology. Therefore, it should increase the scientific content of the interpretation system and guide the word.
Of course, not to say mythical legends can not say that some of the great historical and cultural significance, widely circulated in the local, far-reaching and with local characteristics of myths and legends, such as the story of Ashima Stone Forest South Road, or should inherit and carry forward but myths legends should be concise, not excessive number.
4, due to the low level of fixed salary at this stage even tour guides "unpaid" tour quality decline, the relevant geoscience knowledge little or scanty, for some they can not explain the scientific issues raised by tourists, often very easy Luanche on assorted ground.
5. geological science tourism activities to display the main sightseeing, visitors to participate is not strong. At present, China's geological science tourism activities, in the form of more single. As a national geological park, one of the necessary hardware - Geological Museum, most of them still in the stage display type static display, visitors can watch some distance across the glass or rock mineral mineral specimens and fossils, pictures or text commentary, not and touch, participation, and entertaining feature geological science tourism is completely incompatible, can not meet the needs of interactive tourist experience.
    Third, geological science tourism development strategy
Geoparks in China developed rapidly, but for various reasons, as well as a tourist product is not perfect place, and the United States and other developed countries tourism geological science, there is a gap concept and understanding on the need for further discussion.
1, the correct relationship between ecological and environmental protection, geological heritage protection and tourism development of the commercial process.
This issue, many scholars have noted, is easier said than done. Yuan may Lin et al (2003) noted: Geological park planning and construction should follow the laws of nature, according to "strict protection, unified management, rational development and sustainable utilization" approach, taking into account the long-term interests and the overall interests, avoid quick success, in the ecological protection Lord, obey the principles of tourism development of ecological protection; the development of the form does not involve blasting rocks, logging and other destructive activities, development intensity is limited to the construction of the tour trail, viewing platform, density and capacity control in a very small range; development Features insists on naturalization, ecology, the localization and avoid artificial project to protect the integrity of the geological monuments.
Xie Hongzhong et al. (2003) pointed out that the National Park vertical management is worth learning. US National Parks Administered by the Internal Affairs Bureau of unified management of 10 regional agencies, highly authoritative, not for profit goals, its basic goal is to protect the natural beauty, wildlife and historical sites, and does not provide natural causes damage public leisure activities, so they can avoid damaging projects, and can guide visitors to the correct behavior. Park system is mainly engaged in the prevention and control of fires, wildlife protection, water pollution control, so natural, historic or prehistoric features from natural or man-made destruction, is also responsible for overseeing the recruitment and training of staff, organizing travel programs, plans protective action. Besides hiring park naturalists, engineers, biologists, geologists, historians, archaeologists, tour guides, rangers, etc., comprehensive management and protection of national parks, also provide assistance and services, including descriptions, guides, information consultation, to meet the needs of tourists. In comparison, China's lack of authority of the Geopark administration, there is no central financial support, the resort on its own raise construction funds and the protection, management authority in local government and tourism companies, the results of those policies, fragmentation, management is not in place , institutions are not perfect, responsibility is not clear, management as a means to seek economic benefits in some sectors, tourism activities often expense of the environment, competing departments Zhanshanweiwang see all the benefits, we can see the hotel sector, area restaurants unit training centers and nursing homes, which greatly damaged the original natural landscape and environment, contrary to the construction of national geological park fundamental purpose.
US National Parks focus on the protection of ecosystems as the fundamental purpose of the park, so that visitors accept the use of geological landscapes wild lifestyle, picnic experience; not permitted for commercial purposes of tourism, thus limiting the construction of luxury hotels, the park campground based on the natural landscape elements to design and operate, and manage enterprise shall not national geological park; no geological resources as the economic resource development, but insist on keeping their natural state, no responsibility will be the planning and management oversight of management by the enterprises to take the scenic financed national Park national expenditure is basically 1/2, 1/2 tickets and rely on social contributions, do not appear due to the business and pursue short-term economic phenomenon. Compare with domestic Geopark mostly famous scenic spots in recent years, domestic holiday travel hot, so scenic overload received, some departments excessive exploitation for short-term interests, as is the development of the geopark tourism economic development zone, has become their cash cow, making money, the construction of tourist facilities destructive, consumer guide visitors in the scenic area, the pursuit of profit, the park has become a place to eat, drink, weakened Geopark importance as a natural heritage of mankind, which greatly damaged the natural style, does not meet modern national park protection and utilization of scientific requirements.
In short, the geological heritage is a precious non-renewable resources, the ecosystem is relatively fragile, and once it is damaged beyond repair and restore. The primary purpose of the Geopark is to protect geological heritage of authenticity and natural beauty, protection is the first to carry out tourism activities in an appropriate and reasonable under the protection of the premise, to popularize knowledge. For example, the location of hotels and other service facilities are not permitted in the core protected area, and to put in place the buffer; impossible without building Geopark, the key is building volume, height, density, style to coordinate with nature, Wuyishan summary of the "five five should not" (should be small not big, should be low not high, should not foreign soil, should not gather scattered, possession should not reveal) experience is worth learning.
Furthermore, to improve the management structure Geopark. Some local governments lack funds for construction of geoparks, will transfer management rights Geopark to the enterprise or investors, but the lack of effective supervision and management mechanism, so that there is too much as companies pursue short-term economic benefits to the neglect of geological heritage Nature and Environment protection of the potential threat. Many domestic famous scenic spots excessive development, excessive commercialization, over garden, creative destruction and other issues, and imperfect system has a great relationship.
2, geological science to improve tourism planning level.
Development of geological tourism, planning ahead has become the consensus of the community. But there are good or bad planning, good planning can guide geological science scientific tourism development, achieve a multiplier effect, and poor planning is unfriendly, may not only waste money and may destroy valuable geological relics. With the development of tourism, the principal planning becomes critical, which is one of the tourism industry a sign of maturity. To improve the level of planning, one can invite a number of planning units to engage in competitive bidding program, then absorbing them optimization; second is the geology, biology, tourism, history, culture, archeology, engineering, architecture, art and other experts, intervention, avoiding Planning Team professional defects too narrow; the third is planning authority and the authority to select chief Planner, Principal Planner with personal responsibility for the credibility of the quality of planning; Fourth, the strict planning review session, some planning I participated in the review, some of the assessment expert level is not high some are a mere formality, different views reflect not come out. It should be a rigorous selection process of evaluation experts, and the use of reviewers not secret ballot vote; Fifth stressed after planning results review by planning authorities and chief planner in the planning and implementation process of tracking services, the formation of the planning results "responsible for life" system.
3, the tourism products so dynamic, increase of tourists interactive, participatory experience.
Raymond (2004) "City of Art" introduced the concept of recreation and landscape design, the idea to meet the modern pursuit of dynamic psychological needs for the tourism industry, will continue to bring innovation. First, make a static landscape "dynamic" issue. Currently the vast majority of landscape design, the design is still static, so to be static and dynamic artistic design, such as the design of a group of sculptures into labor scene or scenes of war, that is to make the sculpture is "dynamic"; "Stereo Effect Products' use flat-screen technique to create a three-dimensional spatial effect fascinating. Alternatively, you can use to boost the local activities of the whole movement, such as adding a wind turbine, a rotor, etc. provided, water can be used to drive dynamic effect environment. Second, the dynamic design of the performing arts, the formation of three major breakthroughs: the outdoor stage opening scene; props props of the reality of the landscape; the audience and the actors exchange interaction, visitors can get involved as an actor.
Therefore, use the "Mobile Art" concept to solve most of the geological museum display mostly static formula-based, visitors to participate is not strong problem. Geological Museum design as door, square, comedy, landscape, geological celebrity inscriptions, geologic etc., to emphasize its "dynamic", otherwise it gives a stiff, no aura impression. I believe that landscape design Geopark important nodes should give tourists generate visual impact, such as the door can be designed for specific Geopark rare animal or plant morphology (including paleontology), and it has dynamic; with computer "three-dimensional animation" technology, so that visitors through computer touch screen demo geological evolution, or three-dimensional simulation of tourism; to show the geological history of the evolution of the earth's four-dimensional film; using sound and light equipment simulation geological formation and evolution through; to grow at different ages flora and fauna as the main line, their life experiences and geological evolution of the process of combining, through animation, through the mouth of plants and animals, to explain the reasons for the evolution of geological features and some plants and animals extinct; or produced through recovery mode analog paleontology scenes of life, or designed "interactive movies" in the process of screening questions, please select the audience, while the film according to the audience of different options, different results are deduced; you can also design a prize quiz entertainment, allow visitors to participate, to have the final winners Get this scenic features science souvenirs; collect specimens gallery reflects the characteristics of different ages have precious value of image, objects, specimens, fossils, paleontology recovery simulation entity allows visitors to touch (at the same time show information about scientific knowledge), so that visitors saw or touched the lives of rare animals and plants in ancient times the body, which can help increase the level of excitement;
4, geological science prominent tourist attractions. Features geological science tourism, that is to convey to visitors the geological evolution implied in the wealth of scientific knowledge, and therefore, as an important carrier of Popular Science Tour Geopark, its design should reflect its scientific connotation, highlighting its features. Building within the park, such as the Museum and popular science exhibition hall and an outdoor sculpture, landscape sketch comedy or ore, not only in the form of lively, its design, and the materials, artistic style, should reflect the geological characteristics of the park.
Interpretation System Geopark shall geological heritage as the main geological landforms evolution, characteristics, causes scientific explanation, designed specifically geological tourist route, avoiding geological landscape as fossils trampling and destruction, so that tourists naturalness geological environment, tourism and access to knowledge.
5, with a lively image of the sketch, landscape, interior decoration, the wealth of knowledge to learn while in the "food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment," the six elements into. Park accommodation, dining facilities, shopping, entertainment, scenic areas and other vehicles, designed to be able to reflect the characteristics of tourism geological science, earth science and cultural implication, create a rich geological science tourist atmosphere, so that tourists always feel lively environment to learn science.
6, emphasis on the development of geological tourism commodities. Current common geo-tourism commodities include: mineral water, stones, ornamental stones, gem, mineral rock samples, geological science books and audio-visual products, toys, paleontological models. However, many within the geopark sold most common travel products, travel goods geological varieties also too little, too monotonous, but did not want to buy a good geological tourist travel products impress him, so he can not be a non-pocket. Geological tourism commodities have many articles to do, to explore new ideas, the government can engage in geological tourism commodities design competition. Such as readily available rock samples, beautifully packaged, and scientific text commentary, you can become geological tourism commodities obtained good economic benefits. Within the National Park tour guide warned tourists in advance, you need to rock samples can be purchased for $ 5, secretly collecting rock samples will have to be fined $ 50.
7, for pupils and students, expanding geological science camp market. Pupils and students of the summer camp is a huge untapped market, but for students CAMP tourism products is far from perfect. Geological science camp popular with students, college students in the field survival training has become increasingly fashionable, its characteristics: First, activities for a long time, usually 7-15 days; the second is highly motivated students to travel but he had no income, parents spend money parents are accustomed to city life want kids eat a little bitter, to develop their own hands, the ability to live independently, so the summer camp are low consumption. Therefore, special venues and facilities planning and design to meet the needs of the student summer camp and carry out marketing segments, the geological science camp bigger.
8, geological science tourism and cultural tourism destination, folk tourism, religious tourism, leisure tourism, adventure tourism and other combine, through careful circuit design, product design and scheduling, formed the comprehensive advantages.
9, tour guides and other relevant personnel to strengthen knowledge training. According to the National Geological Park Construction acceptance criteria, which in fact is one of the four indicators after the national geological park to declare success, to be completed in two years.
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