From the sustainable development relics China geological protection

Abstract 】 the success of geological relics protection, and guide people's action is closely related to the environmental ethics. Under the environmental ethics of "anthropocentrism", the protection of the geological relics are hard to implement the "natural ecology center doctrine" and more than the people accept ability. The sustainable development of environmental ethics in order to solve this difficult problem to provide the basis. This article tries from the environmental ethics of sustainable development to analyze the problems existing in the geological relics protection and development in our country, and put forward the corresponding solution.,
【 key words 】 the sustainable development; Environmental ethics; Geological relics; Education; Legislation; administrative

    Firstly, in the protection of geological remains to determine the necessity of sustainable development environment ethics.
   Geological relics is part of the ecological environment, although in recent years attention, also only geologists, paleontologists in geological prospecting, studies the evolution of life attaches great importance to the scientific value of geological monuments; Department of tourism, resource management, focus on the economic value of geological relics, for ordinary people, the geological relics are still poorly understood, even if, we only pay close attention to its tourist appreciation, never high in its list of environmental ethics to cognition. On the cognitive level, if the "natural ecology center doctrine" as a benchmark to geological relics protection and development of the geological relics on equal footing with people, even higher than man's position, obviously with people over the years adhere to the traditional concept of "human first of all things". So the ethics is conducive to protect the geological relics in theory but because of the lack of real cognitive basis, lack of interest stimulation, is not conducive to development, and in turn affect to protect it.
In under the guidance of sustainable development environment ethics to the possibility of geological relics protection.
As our country ancient nomadic qiang from in northwest China's vast migration to spread, mountain belt Collins, in order to make this kind of rich life continues for a long time, qiang from settled begins with a special focus on the protection of environment and the natural ecological. They each year to worship the god, pray that the ecological balance. Chinese folk tradition is an inanimate object that will give more humanity, "a dream of red mansions" in the hand that mends stone after wealth and romantic. Move with the inner consciousness of ancient people are reflects people's emphasis on environmental protection at the time, that has a tradition of environmental protection in our country. Nature conservation in order to achieve sustainable use of simple thought, contains the content of the ecological law of respect, but did not form a system of natural protection thought and management system. And as the population increased, the war damage, foreign culture influence, scientific progress, etc., harmony thought in the reality in our country is more and more neglected, took to the expense of the environment for the development of the road, the sustainable development of the ancient simplicity of the role of ethics in the social, economic, legal, there is no doubt that make the geological relics in our country, which is not affected by resource destruction.
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