Explain the geological aesthetic terms
Yu Richard beauty,
   Yu beauty is about the universe outside of formal beauty to the beauty of the inherent law law mechanism, is the form and content of art, is the unity of beauty changes with synergistic, is the substance of space-time information spread beauty, is not with unutterable eternal beauty. Cosmic object of physical reality, motility and information gaiden energy is the basic state of nature, is living in the universe. The beauty of the universe outside of formal beauty and inherent law mechanism is decided by its basic modes, in other words, only the three characteristic of said, will have the beauty of the universe, both inside and outside reason type. The universe beauty is higher than all the beauty of yu Richard beauty including by all the beauty of the universe to create. Who is the highest gift of god sent to earth the great universe, people are only the special part of the universe. In principle, yu beauty is absolute, only humans find another universe, the universe of the relative beauty can truly expression comes out, it's a pity that mankind know only fur contains its own universe big bang.
Study aesthetics,
    The department of geological and aesthetic is the reverse of a comprehensive interdisciplinary sciences. So-called two subject system is reverse method and condition each other, can be called aesthetic study, the study aesthetic appellation is a smooth, the second is aesthetic lay particular stress on some. The so-called comprehensive, is one of the cross subject, more comprehensive ingredients and the knowledge characteristics of fabric. So-called cross science, as a natural science of earth science (geo) and belong to the interaction of the combination of aesthetics, social science is the interdisciplinary multi-disciplinary organic fabric. Study of aesthetics from the state should be divided into mature discipline presentation before science stage, the academic features to forming the first theory is sex.

Three big debate the science of beauty,
   Gradual mutation theory, fire, water, and deals with the kinetic theory of rock layers are the three important debate in the field of modern study, influence the current of guiding learning theory for hundreds of years. Give the process of right and wrong argument, from the aspects of study philosophy enriched its main meaning, three layers of earth debate performance study objects in the physical, the movement and information three aspects the inherent law of beauty. Theory of earth rock layers of oil and water, seize the key problems of its material source, and two factor interactions made the material source sex science in the United States, is the basis of the basis. Mutation theory gradually show the disequilibrium of the movement of the earth material keep constancy, on the vertical axis of time provides scientific beauty. Plate tectonics is the sublimation of theory of continental drift and seafloor spreading, can explain the old theory paradox in science, and for many new geological phenomenon is explained, become one of the world's four big science and technology in the 20th century. In terms of philosophy and aesthetics, the theory of plate tectonics is the theory of oil and water and gradually the comprehensive development of the mutation theory, is the focus of the contemporary study theory and central guidance, the supreme example of beauty is also a learning science.

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