kazakh etiquette
    Kazakh is a warm, hospitable, heavy manners nation. People meet, always exchanged "family safe", "Livestock peace" and other greetings. This is closely related to their nomadic economic life. In season and pasture conditions continue to transition migration Kazakh nomads, who came to visit and staying guests, whether met or not, will warm hospitality. Pastoralists believe that if guests let go at sunset, is a matter of shame, neighborhood friends and relatives will be considered ill hospitality and ridiculed. Master of hospitality, has its own set way. Typically guests come, have slaughtered lamb. Supreme guests, but also at the scene killed a foal. Former sheep, the owner of the sheep to be led to the front of the guests obtain satisfaction. Meals, first Sheepshead dedicated to the guests. Guests took the sheep's head, use a knife to cut a cheek meat dedicated to the oldest elderly host family, then cut a sheep ear to the youngest child or housewife. Then he casually cut a meat, a sheep's head and then dedicated owner. At this time, subject and object together around the seat, while eating a big piece of meat dish, while a special master of fine drink horse milk. Horse milk is a unique nutrient-rich liquor. Fragrance mellow taste, not only to quench their thirst, but also to eat, but also to treat minor gastrointestinal problems and other chronic diseases. Vitamin content than milk several times more, are pastoralists cold drinks excellent food aid. Night, the vast grasslands especially quiet, blocks a warm yurt, guests are placed above the front yurt accommodation. Simple, honest, sincere owner, will give you about a new atmosphere of grassland and beautiful legends in recent years.
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