Kazakh houses
    In order to facilitate the nomadic Kazakhs have long created easily move house - yurt. Its main component is a woven wool felt, tamarisk wooden fence, this pole, and roll-top circular knitting the spinach sad straws. These members can make the best of your own. Demolition or yurt installed in a short time to complete, camels or cattle can be moved when the mule.
   Yurt is a Kazakh folk architecture. Spring, summer, autumn, Kazakh nomads live "yu", can be disassembled and round yurts handling; winter in the winter pastures (commonly known as "winter winter pen") built flattened mud house. Yurts general local materials, with a gate and a round top made of tamarisk, constitute Stand and wall fence on the periphery Mucha splendens compiled, then wrapped in blankets. Top skylight, covered with a blanket activities for ventilation. Some felt on the roof is decorated with a red or other color patterns. Yurts general east door.
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