Some folk taboo in Xinjiang
Xinjiang has many taboos, these taboos is accompanied by the ancient religion in Xinjiang and long-term habits inherited. Therefore, these deep-rooted taboos for Xinjiang people, you have to read the following text in detail, and to remember that "the State asked the ban, as the Romans do" principle.

A sexy taboo

Tanxiongloubei forbidden to wear the clothes and the clothes are too short, resentment wear shorts and vest in outdoor activities and guests. Prohibit women's apparel or dress too sexy, because the founder of Islam Mohammed, said: "Women of any man has a magic," so too sexy dress, could lead to around already bathed some Muslims are ready to go to worship irresistible small small changes in thinking.

Thus, the "sexy" in Xinjiang will lead directly to both offenses: one guilty? "The temptation of sexual harassment quot ;, Second, according to Islam classic" Hadith ", if there is semen accidentally leak, will lead to bathe invalid guilty! Under "fault affecting Muslims worship the" crime.

Second, staring taboo

Many Uighurs believe that people avoid envy or jealousy elite vision of otherness, have some kind of supernatural evil forces, will give the loved ones, or are engaged in the cause to bring unfavorable, as people stare pretty smart kids will make the child suffer some misfortune; when roasted Nang was staring, Nang Nang kang paste live in; lung surface irrigation midnight to Mongolian child on a piece of cloth in the lungs, allowing people to stare, was staring lung child will be broken; when weaving was staring, it will often appear disconnected and the like. Uighur prevent evil eye caused mainly Eritrea's hand wearing amulets, line art and other fumes.
In Xinjiang, you can do not stare them Uighurs or something, or Bazaar (free market) point of view for a long time instead of buying a variety of serious incidents this reason, the cause of common, sadly, to be scolded or actually beaten tourist confidently say, "Look not do it", the answer is: in Xinjiang, no! Because it related to their original religion, "the State asked the ban, as the Romans do" principle sentence that you "do not respect national habits" guilty.

Third, fart taboo

In Xinjiang, the absolute prohibition in any public place or silent fart fart sound, because there may have been bathed around ready to worship the ethnic Muslims, according to Islamic classic "Hadith", sound or silent fart fart all contribute to bathe invalid! Therefore, these Muslims would be forced to follow the classic should be re-bath.
Thus public "exhaust" in Xinjiang may become accustomed to the outside, but there is no doubt in Xinjiang sentenced you to "harassment of Muslim worship" guilty.

Fourth, food taboos

In the diet, Xinjiang Muslim fasting pigs, dogs, donkeys, mules meat and meat beast of prey, eat from the dead without killing animals and meat, but also fasting blood of all animals. These taboos originated from Islam, it has evolved into the life and customs.
Therefore must not be above all things into Muslim families or restaurant, or in this case to talk about these items.
If you can to Muslims, said he does not eat more food, it will be more popular, for example, they may think: substance awareness decided to eat donkey, donkey temperament will be with the same or that the high-minded people how to eat shameless ass it?

Fifth, worship taboo

Avoid trampling food, Xianyan and a variety of food, otherwise they will be punished, not in the future become a beggar, is blind, forever living in the dark; you can not spit towards Xianyan and fire. Avoid stepping or cross "Ya Lake" (inverted swill place), that this place has rice, Nang slag and brine, and these are the "sacred", otherwise it will bring bad luck, subjected to various hardships.

Six taboo etiquette

Xinjiang has many guests hospitality and attention. Avoid stepping table linen or cloth across from meals. Guests can not just fiddle plate of food, you can not sniff the food, not just to the stove to go, not just to see the pots and pans and other cooking utensils expose. As food is not left in a bowl. Rice can not be landed, in case fell to the ground, to be up and put food on the cloth. Put a bowl of food to eat clean. Nang or eat bread, naan or bread to break apart and eat, can not eat a whole. You can not knock the dishes after dinner. When the guests, if things should withdrew, not from the front of people walking, people have to go after. When the meal prayer, prohibit look around, laughing and got up and move around. Guests can not just take things turned host family can not move back and forth in the owner's house.
Wash your hands before and after meals, after washing hands can not walk away on random drops, must be dry with a towel. Boxes of food can not sit on the sacks and bags containing salt and cooking utensils. Dinner or talking with people, the most taboo spitting, blowing his nose, nose picking, Taoer Duo, nails, scratching, etc., otherwise it is considered impolite behavior; in the house when the kang sit down, you can not straighten your legs , feet toward the people. Accepting gifts or promotions, tea bowl with both hands, one hand to accept or deliver goods is considered impolite, you can not sweep the floor when having guests. When the guests, should follow the master of hospitality, truthfully not want to eat, have a taste, to show respect, can not be completely rejected. When the owner of tea to guests, guests should hands around the bowl, not in order to express polite took the teapot and poured himself.
In Xinjiang, you can act as such, it may be liked everywhere!

Seven, praise taboo

Some people in Xinjiang face taboo others praise their children, especially not with the "fat", "beautiful", "good appetite" and the like words; either relatives or friends, entered the room taboo Qubao children of the family, In particular, the guests from afar Qubao taboo that it would be ill child frightened.
Thus, in Xinjiang, you often hear some old saw children often said, "the child hard to read."

Eight other taboos

Muslims do is 玛孜 (worship) is not noisy, when reading scripture prayer, unable to speak, do not stand in front of or after the person is 玛孜 or placed in front of the portrait is 玛孜 who do, it can not do not take off your shoes or dirty foot prayer rug.
Not noisy or irrelevant to talk about the content of the mosque or Mazar (cemetery). Not towards the sun, moon urine, pee into the water, can not spit toward the sky, do not wash your face in the morning before the sun, etc. can not see; can not step pull crops and grass, especially not on the toilet to crops and grass.
When passing Mazar, not horse, mule, donkey; livestock allowed to run around in the cemetery; do not allow anyone to enter the cemetery for no reason, and not a lot of earth from the cemetery, the graves to prevent the collapse of the cemetery near the pigsty ban repair, toilet prohibited in the cemetery, a mosque and a small side drains urine, spitting, blowing his nose with grime through and stay.
Women can not cross the rope, dirty water, believes children when crossing the placenta is not easy rope down; across the dirty water, when delivery will be weak. Strangers can not enter the mother's room, generally full twelve days after giving birth to visit his mother.
Taboo men hair, beard stay too long and with a gold ring, taboo woman nail, armpit and other stay too long.
He said Tuesday, the road unlucky Friday, encountered bad things.
Drugs, gambling, alcoholism, fighting, lying, adultery, plot against others, accounting and other cheap others, are taboo.
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