Girl chase about kazakh

    "Chasing girls," said the Kazakh "克孜库瓦尔", which is a favorite Kazakh youth immediately sports a game, but also young men and women of mutual confession fancy term way of love, is said to be derived from a legendary story: a Swan fairy hunter and form couples, wedding day, riding two white horses, like white swans fly, chasing each other. They are Kazakhs ancestor. Later, Kazakh men to gallop chasing each other on the way to bring about the union of love.

    "Girl chasing" generally carried out in the summer blossoming prairie. First, and "girl chasing" a group of two people send a young man, a group selected a girl, two men riding a horse and bridle and the line, to the people of distant eyesight went. Along the way, the young man can any girl to wisecrack funny, even express love; girl does not get angry, even blushed also silently listening. However, one to the end, when folded back, the young man would not dare, and immediately rode to escape, the girl Swagger hot pursuit, and the way you can beat the other side, the opportunity to be too frivolous young man responded with a harsh whip, young man embarrassed look, often made the audience laugh. If any girl always whip mercy, in the young man's head feinted only, even flirting, then there may be a girl Jiucheng fancy this young lad.
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