The legend of kazakh

    Kazakh origin of this statement names more historical records already described. Um contained in the "Han" Cai "Tang" contained in the Khazars, El. In 982 AD, written in Persian "world domain records," a book, the state-owned carrier Alan kasak, this is today's Kazakhstan. In Italy and Kazakh, "Kazakh" word indomitable, huge, strong and powerful meaning. Kazakh national origin, there are many beautiful legends, such as in the far ancient legend, there was a heroic youth leader 名叫卡勒恰哈 Del. He was seriously wounded in a battle, unconscious. Splendor suddenly appeared in the sky, a white swan heaven, prostrate at his side, with wings cover him, and to his mouth dripping saliva drop of fluid, then took him up to the lake to drink water, dined, Ka Leqia Harder feel a spirit of improvement, physical recovery, the wound healed quickly. Then White Swan became a beautiful angel with Kaleqiaha del inseparable, the two gave birth to a boy, named "kazak" (Kazakhstan), "kaz" means swan, "ak" meaning white. The boy grew up and later gave birth to three little boys, the eldest son 阿克阿尔斯, second son do Yasar Wales, son Jiang als. Then three als evolved large jade hereby history became Kazakhstan, Jade Edwards, Xiaoyu hereby. Kazakh is a clan, tribe, tribal alliances and to show a stable, independent nation. The Kazakh tribal organization, still retain relatively complete. According to historical records, the history of nomadic Saka northwest, Taiyue Shi, Wusun Healthy and Hungarian efforts, etc., are the ancestors of the Kazakhs. To 12-13 centuries, but also the integration of Uighurs have moved to the northern part of the Tianshan Mountains, Geluolu people, Khitan and Mongol rise of martyrs, Naiman, Kipchak and Chagatai Khan's Mongols, thus forming the Kazakh family.
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