Geo-environmental rehabilitation and ecological restoration and management of mining areas
In the last century, illegal gold mining and gemstone poaching formed mining pits, using the treatment area to cut the height and fill in the low, slope masonry, cut the square to push and pull, implement the layered backfill, pushing and crushing, adhering to the ecological restoration mode of "low-cost and effective", making full use of the biological characteristics of native plants to build stable plant communities; creating water, soil, and local enrichment areas to achieve natural restoration of vegetation under the condition of minimal soil replenishment. Local rich area, realise the natural recovery of vegetation under the condition of minimum soil replenishment, adopt the restoration technology of mulching greening, planting grass, planting economic crops and medicinal plants, and the transition and connection between the treatment area and the surrounding terrain, so that the landscape within the treatment area is neat and beautiful, and is in harmony with the surrounding topography and geomorphology. The total cubic metre volume of the project construction is 510,000 cubic metres, the land area restored is 822,500 square metres, and there are 17 project description boards.

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