Mysterious Customs of the Western Regions
The rich and beautiful Keketuohai has nurtured a hard-working, kind, brave, and hospitable Kazakh ethnic group. Kazakhs have been engaged in nomadic animal husbandry for generations since ancient times. By "relying on abundant water and grass resources", Kazakh has been identified as "an ethnic group on horseback".
According to Botamaoyin rock paintings with a history of 3,000 years, humans settled and lived in Keketuohai long ago, leaving behind tangible cultural heritage items such as Kazakh mural paintings, ancient tombs, and stone figures, as well as 168 items of intangible cultural heritage. Cultural and sports activities such as horse shows, Aken playing and singing, buzkashi (goat grabbing), girls chasing, and wrestling constitute the main melody of the traditional culture here. Keketuohai offers a range of most characteristic local delicacies such as milk tea, mare milk, yogurt, naan bread, Balshaq, hand pilaf, and hand-grabbed lamb. The splendid historical culture and unique ethnic customs are organically integrated with the natural landscape, reflecting the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. This fosters a harmonious society where various ethnic groups live in harmony today.
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