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Keketuohai is located in the eastern section of the Altay Mountains in inland China. It boasts a well-developed altitudinal vegetation belt with diverse types of vegetation. Its vegetation types are divided into seven types, namely mountain coniferous forests, mountain deciduous broadleaf forests, meadows, alpine vegetation, hygrophilous vegetation, swamp vegetation, and shrub vegetation. It is home to 967 species of vascular plants, 205 species of lichens, 193 species of bryophytes, 151 species of fungi, and 331 species of vertebrates. Among the vascular plants, there are 20 species that are unique to the Altay Mountains, one newly recorded species within China, and five newly discovered species varieties. In addition, it has five wild plant species and 49 wild animal species under national key protection. The diverse species of plants in Keketuohai present different colors in various seasons. Visitors can enjoy wild flowers all over the mountains in spring, immense green forests and expansive grassland in summer, colorful forests in autumn, and the vast white ice and snow world in winter. This picturesque scenery perfectly complements the spectacular granite landform, giving a feast to the eyes.
Keketuohai National Geopark
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