Kazakh Eid
    Eid Islam in Xinjiang Uygur, Hui, one Kazakh, Tatar, Tajik, Uzbek and other ethnic grand festival. Eid also called "Eid al-Fitr."
Islam stipulates that every Muslim month of fasting each year must be sealed, a congregation is to be performed is important "credit repair." During the daytime fasting without food or drink, not even swallowing is not allowed. After the sun sets, to be eating and drinking. So this festival is inherited religious customs. Ramadan in the Islamic calendar date of September, this month called "Ramadan." "Ramadan" can appear in the seasons throughout the year, because the Islamic calendar is a purely lunar calendar, the day of the moon appears as the first month, monthly for 30 days, 29 days bimonthly throughout the year of 12 months, did not mention the leap month count 354 or 355 days, and less than the solar calendar 10 days or 11 days. It is the month and season, there is no fixed relationship, so the "Eid" will appear in rotation throughout the year.

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