The World's Rare Pegmatite-type Rare Metal Deposits and Mining Relics
Keketuohai is the first cradle of China's non-ferrous metal industry. In the 1930s and 1940s, eight rare metal deposits were discovered in Keketuohai, of which the No. 3 vein had a reserve of the majority of rare metals. The No. 3 vein is shaped like a solid straw hat composing a gently inclined tabular vein and a vertical cupola. With nine complete and clear mineral zonations, it currently stands as the largest and most typical pegmatite-type rare metal deposit in the world. As many as 86 kinds of minerals, including 26 kinds of rare metal minerals, have been found in this vein. Notably, it has the largest beryllium resources in China and also ranks top in the world in terms of tantalum, lithium, and cesium resources. It is known as the "museum of geology and mineral resources". After mining, a magnificent mine pit with a diameter and a depth of respective 250 meters was left. It was known as the "meritorious mine" in the geological community due to its unique scientific value and historical contribution.
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