Distinct Granite Landform in the Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark
The granite landform along the Irtysh River is one of the three world-class geosites in Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark. This magnificent landform is characterized by campanulate peaks, pyramidal peaks, high wall-shaped mountains, large dome-shaped peaks, narrow gorges, and niches. The distinct granite rock masses rise out of the ground, presenting an amazing majesty. Due to its unique characteristics, some experts have proposed naming this category "Altay Mountains landform" or "Altay granite landform". The reason for the formation is that giant porphyritic biotite granite with concentric primary joints disintegrates and collapses in layers along the bedded joints parallel to the slope surface under the action of frost weathering and other effects, forming a granite landform on tall and steep mountain peaks with a smooth surface. The granite landform is dotted with characteristic microreliefs such as niches and stone falls, which contribute to its splendid and delicate beauty. These distinctive features make the Geopark a rare tourist attraction in the world.
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