Poetic expression of the nation's poetry
In my mind, the Chinese stage art has long been certain norms and patterns defined as the same rigorous industrial process, and finally degenerated into a combination of a variety of programs, from which it is difficult to see the creators and performers of talent. In order to please the audience, and now almost the only tactic left is the comedy-oriented, that is hard to make you laugh you creak. There is a lot of money and manpower to rely to a pile of luxurious, complex scenes, creating a visual feast. But because his soul is released into the atmosphere, the lack of inherent cultural conservation and thought highly, eventually reduced to another replica became domestic large, will only make people become far more empty after watching boring. "阿嘎加 according to the" uniqueness is that it sees these abuses, accurate positioning of the thrust of it is to express: the poetic expression of the nation's poetry.
Its production team is a combination of the most talented in Xinjiang, its artistic director, literary critic Hanzi Yong, chief writer is a poet Shen Wei, the music director is composer Yelin Hua, general director of the library to the West · Thermal 介甫. This determines its height, but also to ensure that it is ultimately rendered effects. They collected Kazakhs scattered in every corner of the Altai folk, custom, tunes, dance, decoration and many details of daily life, in a way dance of poetry, the ancient cultural perspective of an ancient steppe nation, gorgeous presented in front of an audience. These elements are traditional, but its approach is modern. Tradition and modernity in which the mutual breeding, reproduction, growth, so these ancient elements with new vitality, exudes a unique artistic brilliance.
Respect for life, for love praise, hero worship, yearning for the carnival, has been dedicated to the theme of literary and artistic expression. But to express good shape these lives, these themes promoted to general feelings of humanity, not only need talent and passion, but also requires courage and vision. "A Gajia according to the" from "Life Dustan," "hero Dastan", "Love Dastain" and "Carnival Dustan" four parts. This four part though the four themes, but because of its artistic pursuit and expression of pure, so that the inner poetry and passion has always been throughout. The "Lullaby", "horseshoe dance", "Shiren Dance" and the final scene of revelry and diffuse Kazakh musical elements, people are particularly shocking. Its every element for us, is fresh, its national characteristics through art processing, can touch any area, any nation, any cultural background of the human mind. This pursuit, making it out of the Altay, out of Xinjiang, to anywhere in the show, it also has the possibility to become a classic stage art. It uses an open spirit, the cultural resources translates into having a hardness of heart probation "soft power." It confirms the great view: the more the nation, the more of the world.
This dance poem poetry spirit to run through all the artistic elements and the inner consciousness of the vanguard poetry into all the details. This makes it an air of exclusivity. Pioneer has been a serious lack of awareness in today's literary expression, because in addition to its kitsch popular demand, there is the author's intention to make a shallow obscure and mysterious, which makes it far from the true spirit of the pioneer. "阿嘎加 according to the" there is a sublime place is to use conscious vanguard, using both recognized elite, can also be a means accepted by the public, reflecting its strong symbolic: that is our attachment to the homeland, to We are looking for the root of the degradation of love among all creatures to convey - and people in harmony with the natural world of equality - it is the Chinese people, but also as one of the nation Kazakh Mi precious sense of tradition. Today, its meaning and value of mining and highlight the more practical significance.
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