Value of the UNESCO Global Geopark
● Geological heritage: The UNESCO Global Geopark aims to protect and display unique geological heritage with international value, scientifically restoring and narrating the 4.6-billion-year story of the Earth through various forms. In the geopark, you can personally experience and feel all kinds of magical and spectacular "Earth marks" of nature.
● Natural heritage: The UNESCO Global Geopark has unique natural heritage, charming landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and significant biodiversity, all of which are very valuable. They play an active role in promoting the protection of natural heritage and making people aware of the current challenges facing our planet.
● Cultural heritage: The UNESCO Global Geopark is a place where the "Earth marks" and the "human imprints" meet. Various marks created and left by local residents throughout human history constitute diversified and extraordinary cultural heritage, which is often closely related to local geology and landforms.
● Intangible heritage: Intangible heritage is a precious testimony to the long-term close relationship between local people and the Earth. Nowadays, intangible heritage is under great threat and its protection and dissemination have become a key task of the geopark.
● Sustainable development: The UNESCO Global Geopark encourages local communities and indigenous peoples to actively participate in various activities and construction projects and actively develop partnerships so as to continuously provide high-quality featured products and geoscience tourism services, thus contributing to long-term economic and social development.
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