How to Avoid Earthquakes?
In case of a sudden earthquake, it is crucial to follow the principle of "adopting appropriate measures that are tailored to local conditions and timing". When earthquakes occur, people may face different situations and thus may adopt different methods to protect themselves from earthquakes. They should act decisively and don't hesitate because whether they can successfully avoid earthquakes depends on their action at that critical moment, with no time for hesitation. In public places, it is necessary to follow instructions and ensure safety during earthquakes first. After the earthquake, they should not crowd and instead follow orderly evacuation.
How to avoid earthquakes in the field: In the field or mountainous areas, people should quickly leave dangerous places such as the foot of mountains and waterside and choose an open and stable place to protect themselves. Additionally, they should not stay alone in the field after an earthquake.
① Do not stay at the foot of mountains or beside steep cliffs; ② In case of landslides, run in the direction perpendicular to rolling stones. Do not run downhill along rolling stones; ③ Hide under solid obstacles or squat under ditches to protect your head; ④ Quickly move away from rivers, lakes, and the sea to prevent falling into water in case of river bank collapse, rising water in low reach due to the collapse of upstream reservoir, or a tsunami; ⑤ Stay clear of dams in case of dam collapse or flood; ⑥ Evacuate the bridge deck and don't stay under the bridge to prevent injury when the bridge collapses. 
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