What Are Potholes?
Numerous pits and caves are scattered throughout the granite riverbeds beneath the Holy Bell Peak. These unique formations feature a narrow opening, a spacious interior, a level base, and smooth walls, bearing a resemblance to the shape of teapots. Geoscience specialists have labeled these geological formations as potholes. Potholes predominantly form beneath watercourse falls, cliffs, and rapids with steep slopes. How do potholes evolve? As water continues to flow, it gradually sculpts small pits at the junctions of bed rocks through the erosive action of both the water and gravel. The small pits gradually enlarge due to the erosive force of the water and gravel, while "central axes" begin to form at the bottom of these pits and gradually diminish until they disappear completely. Year after year, these depressions eventually transform into potholes as the gravel within them gradually wears away and takes on a smooth, rounded shape.
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