Escape the city and cross the Keketuohai
Tired of the city life, always want to get a kind of liberation, either the body is on the road, or the heart is far away, Escape from the city plan to launch 3 excursion routes to visit Keketuohai, from travelling to enjoy and forget.

Route 1
Day 1-Urumqi City-Fuyun County
Day 2-Wolf Valley-Keketuohai No.3 House
Day 3-Kejotohai UNESCO Global Geopark-Urumqi City

Route 2

Day 1-Urumqi City-Kekesuli Lake, Flower Sea
Day2-Keketuohai No.3 Courtyard-Jingou Valley
Day3-Jingou Valley-Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark-Talat Village
Day4-Keketuohai No.3 Courtyard-Wolf Valley-Fuyun County
Day5-Fuyun County -Urumqi City

Route 3
Day1-Urumqi City-Fuyun County
Day2-Fuyun County-Wolf Valley-Keketuohai No.3 Courtyard
Day3-Keketuohai Town-Kunget-Keketuohai No.3 Courtyard
Day4-Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark
Day5-Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark-Jingou Valley
Day6-Jingu Valley-Sayiheng bulake(Xigou Valley)-Altai City
Day7-Altai City-Urumqi City

Mountains and rivers: Unlike the Gobi on the way to Fuyun County, the cross-country traverses along the Altai Mountains and lakes. Walkers who like mountains can pay special attention to the Kunget, the peaks and clouds touching the stone formations, after millions of years of weathering, rain washed out countless strange stones. Mysterious stone formations, forests and grasslands, and snow-covered sacred mountains form the strange scenery of Kungaihat, which has become an excellent place for travellers to find wildlife and experience nature.

Forests: the route is set in Xigou Valley, Jingou Valley and Wolf Valley, and more beautiful scenery is hidden in the deep mountains of the plateau. Rare plants, primitive forests. The soul of the forest is not in the high trees, but in the green whispering and sleepless, dark and calm.

Alpine Meadow: It has the most beautiful grassland around Keketuohai, with light green grass, dark green forests, and herds of cows, sheep and horses. The grassland is gently undulating and stretches for miles, with blue sky and white clouds, in the natural oxygen bar, a dense wild wizard.

Keketuohai National Geopark
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