Taste the nomadic life in Sayiheng Bulake Summer Ranch
When it comes to Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark, the first thing that comes to most people's mind is the famous No.3 mine, the Irtysh Grand Canyon and the Fuyun Earthquake, and little is known about Sayiheng Bulake. However, in recent years, Sayiheng Bulake is also known by more and more foreign tourists...

Sayiheng Bulake, meaning "valley with small streams" in Kazakh, is commonly known as "Xigou" to the local people. It is located in the northern mountainous area of Fuyun County, about 110 kilometres from Fuyun County, and Fuhai County summer pasture is separated by a river. The scenery here is pleasant, the climate is cool and humid in summer, flowers bloom and greenery is lush. Early in the morning, the sun shines, everything wakes up, every valley, are blooming with golden lotus, wild red and white peony, as far as the eye can see, a golden, as if the herdsmen hand-woven carpet, spread in the mountains and steep forests, a team moving camel caravan and neatly arranged cattle and sheep, in the flowers and green carpet in the forward, as if the flow of white clouds.

Along the right bank of the Karayilt River, there is a "girl's cliff", which rises up along the riverbed and consists of a whole block of boulders, towering 200 metres high, and is steep and unclimbable along the side of the river, and the Alashan Hot Springs in Duge Township, Fuyun County, are also here, and are a sacred place for the locals to recuperate from the heat and summer heat.

June is the rainy season in Sayiheng Bulake, when an occasional cloud or two sprinkles a shower. Early morning is the time when the scenery of Sayiheng Bulake is most spectacular, with clouds and fog locking the mountains. If you are lucky, you can also watch the spectacle of the sea of clouds and Buddha's light.

Influenced by the geographic environment, Sayiheng Bulake is also the most widely distributed alpine stone forests, a variety of different shapes and styles of rocks, but also outlined the vastness of the prairie and the magnificence of the other outside of the style, as if we are brought into a fairy tale world.

Every year in late June to the beginning of July, the local Kazakh herdsmen, driving cattle and sheep, holding a camel team, a huge transfer from the spring and autumn pastures to here, opened the annual summer pastoral "paradise" life.

Summer is the happiest and most pleasant time for Kazakh herders, and it is also the time when Kazakh dairy products are most abundant. Every day before dawn, hardworking Kazakh women start their day by milking the cows. They extract ghee from the milk and make yoghurt or milk lumps. The whole valley is filled with the sweet aroma of milk. In the grasslands, all guests who come to visit or stay, whether or not they know, regardless of which ethnic group, regardless of whether they know their language, are warmly welcomed, visit sincere hospitality. Casually into a felt house, the hospitality of the Kazakh people will set a table full of Kazakh specialities for you to enjoy, these dairy products, beef and mutton is the Kazakh herders daily meals of food, but also their take from the pasture, with the pasture of the wisdom of the inheritance.

The mountains are like a picture, the water is like a poem, there is smoke, there are people, everywhere towering birch forests, so that every landscape here is full of gorgeous meaning, and this, perhaps, is the charm of the Sayiheng Bulake.
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