The altitude is 1,225 m. The area is about 1.5 km2, and the vegetation type is cold-temperate mountain broadleaved secondary forest, mainly the birches, secondly for Siberia populuslaurifolia. In spring and winter, the shade of the birches covers all the sky, and flowers and plants are everywhere, it is suitable for recreation and enjoying the coolwith a distinctive interest; when the autumn comes, the leaves of the tree become golden, there are small bridges over the flowing stream, and the water voice is the sound of the nature, just like the dream wonderland; in winter, there is flying snow, the snow covers the trees and their branches, crystal clear, showing exquisite and enchanting posture. Due to the influence of climate and environment, the physical disintegration occurred in the granite; the granite continued to be weathered and then formed the gravel soil; the big porosity and high penetration rate provide beneficial natural conditions for the plant growth.

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