Gem ditch Reception Center
Gem ditch reception centers located in national 5A scenic spots, national geological parks Keketuohai Scenic Area, located in the resort gem ditch Mizoguchi, six kilometers away from the gate area. Construction area of 3,000 square meters, is set catering, accommodation, conference, leisure and other functions into one, modern and ethnic integration in a multi-element style reception center.
Reception center is equipped with advanced specialties in the restaurant seven, two banquet halls, which can accommodate 400 people dining. Following a High-End banquets, tourist groups dining, conference dinner, weddings and buffets. Xinjiang characteristics diet, supplemented by Lu, Cantonese Department.
Well-built 15 rooms, suites 1 set, high-grade standard rooms 4, Quadruple 2, guests can enjoy distinguished service, such as satellite TV, 24 hours hot water. Separate attic 8, wherein between two ordinary 4, triple 4, a total of 36 beds.
Reception center fully-equipped conference facilities, is located 230 square meters multi-purpose conference hall a, equipped with high-definition multimedia projector. A loft-style café, as your colleagues, customers and Friends of unforgettable meeting experience.
Scenic gem ditch reception center, fresh air, sprinkle over the valley towards the welcome sun, twilight send the amount of river rolling to the West, the night view of the stars light up the night sky, idyllic scenery, beautiful, scenic area is high-grade, full-featured, catering, accommodation and leisure place of choice.
Gem ditch reception center will be sincere service allows you Keketuohai scenic memorably excellent.
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