The principles and signal about driving with the car
First, theteamrunsthe"Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention
(1)All actionsobey orders,in order toobtainvictoryin unison(the teamtravelsshould bearranged inthe order ofpresentationhasto follow up,do not arbitrarilydisturb)
(2)Allowedrandomstring linesin motion,affect the normal runningof other vehiclesoutside;
(3)Keep a safedistance from the vehicle(in case ofemergency,immediatelyupload thereport.Non-personal hero,roguestyleliberalismandperformance).
Secondly:Eight Points for Attention
(1)1command vehicleand trailervehicle mustbe held byveteranmasterdrive,amongotherveteransshould beinserted in thequeuewereamong the(six orsevencarswithinthe team, the noviceshould be scheduledimmediately followingthe 1stcommand vehicles,andso on,veterantrynext row.
(2)Try tofollowthe 1stcommand vehiclelanetrackforward,left and rightvehicle widthnotmore than1/3 ofthe targetqueue(except foremergencysituations,butshould bereturned to the queue
(3)Traveling,signalcommandvehicleshall beissuedon the 1stcommand vehicledriving,and theformer,light signalsemitted bythe timely delivery ofthe vehicle;
(4)Observe theinteriorrearview mirror,grasp therear of the vehicleoperating conditions(especially afterthe turn,afterovertakinganother vehiclewhenjammed
(5)If it is foundwith the carinfront of the carproblems,or affect thecarafterdriving ordid not keeptheir own,should beissuedbeforethe lightssignaledthe car,take the appropriateactionby the captainorthe 1stcommand vehicle, as the case;
(6)Lastcarfleetfoundabnormal situation,when necessary, shallinform thefront of the caris stoppedandparkedroadsidewaiting for(the wrong way, the speedis too highto keep upleadafter the carleft behind,broke down, fueldrain,feeling tired, etc.);
(7)Whendriving at night,consistent use ofdipped headlights,high beamirradiationhangedafter the carforward.In the absence offog,prohibitopenrear fog
(8)With thecar,to try toputawaythe sight,notstaring atthe tail ofthe vehicle in front.Try toachieve early detection andearly treatment
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