Strange mountain diffrent stone
Along the river between rapid arrangement of granite peaks, peak wall roundy, morphological diversity, fengfeng deducing the beautiful story, a one hundred single eight peaks. Strange rocks landscape, it is between 2.08 065 million years ago the giant porphyritic biotite granite in yanshan period, because of the cold winter weathering, like layers of peel shell, continuously removed, collapse collapse, so that the surface morphology of mountain peaks is fruity and smooth, and very steep, bell shaped, dome, cone, the various peaks in especially for relative elevation 365 meters of granite mountain - zhong shan, butte proudly, cliffs piercing the clouds, cliff into water, for most of altai mountain. Fossil, boots, general peak waterfall, god like stone mountain peak, the eagle peak, camel peak, step one scene, amazing. Pictograph, rich turtle stone, seals, the eagle looking back, the Wolf mountain, such as granite boulders, all forms of fun.
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