Lakes and rivers ecological protection

   Water, boasts beautiful clever. Through the cocoa sea breeze scenic area of eltrix river, is China's only from east to west river flows into the arctic ocean. Mountains of ice and snow melt, mountain spring water gushed out, producing the pure and erqis river ice, vast and meaningful. In god zhongshan bounded water features, the upstream water potential sweep, turbulence, the quiet mountain canyon play a passionate symphony; Downstream water quiet gentle, flowing, continuous market offer a sea, river, waterfalls, springs all water of the change of form, color, the canyon of colorful ornament, intoxicating. More magical is springs "stomach", "step-down spring", "not full spring" gushed out, and dependency of hot springs, waterfalls, and sacred and health presents for people. Cocoa in wetland is an earthquake fault depression, more than 20 reed island in the lake floating in the wind, scene in the wind.
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