Theme of earth day
    Only one earth in 1974,Humans live in 1975,1976: water is the source of life,In 1977 focused on ozone depletion, water erosion, soil degradation and deforestation,The development of 1978 without damage,In 1979, for the sake of children and the development of the future - no damage,1980 new 10 years, the development of a new challenge - there is no damage,Protection of groundwater and human food chain in 1981; Prevention and treatment of toxic chemicals pollution,In 1982, the 10th anniversary of the human environment Stockholm conference - to improve environmental consciousness,In 1983 the hazardous waste management and disposal; Prevention and control of acid rain, destruction and energy efficiency,Desertification in 1984,1985 youth, population, environment,In 1986, environmental and peace,Environment and living in, 1987,In 1988 to protect the environment and sustainable development, public participation,In 1989, global warming!,1990 children and the environment,Climate change - 1991 requires global cooperation,In 1992, only one earth, care, together to share,Poverty and the environment - 1993 out of a vicious cycle,In 1994, one earth, a family,1995 people around the world together, to create a more beautiful world,Our earth, place of residence, home in 1996,In order to life on earth in 1997,In 1998, in order to life on earth - save our seas,Save the earth in 1999, is to save the future,One thousand - 2000 environment in 2000 action!!!!
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