The earth Day campaign about Keketuohai Geopark administration
    On April 22, to commemorate the 46th world earth day, can resolve the popular science knowledge propaganda activities held the world earth day, earth day this year's theme is "refused to water pollution, think about environmental protection water".
    Can resolve make full use of the "world earth day" campaign, the opportunity, give full play to the propaganda effect, within the scope of the county to carry out the campaign, to arouse human love the earth, protect the homeland consciousness, promote the coordinated development of resources development and environmental protection, and maintain good cocoa sea in the overall environment of the national geological park.,Activities to distribute the flyers, site on the way, for to come to participate in the personnel to understand the origin of earth day, know the theme of the calendar year National Day, understanding what is China's national geological park, the world geological park, and the setting up of a geological relics park attractions, the main purpose of establishing the world geological park. The campaign flyer out more than 500 copies.,Through this activity, get the recognition of the broad masses of the people, and guide to build the protection of land and resources, cherish the good atmosphere of ecological environment.
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