Keketuohai management committee pay close attention to ladder program
    "How to identify the Activities binding sites of  activities, how to establish the direction of motion, how to stimulate the power about activities, how to expand the fluence of activities " in the management committee can carry out specific work to the winter tourism, winter tourism around the key link, with emphasis realistically "ladder" program, and strive to build winter tourism resort projects Keketuohai brand, reach to create a good project, complete a project, effective objectives of a project.
   Identify the point of integration activities, strengthening project selection first "ladder." CMC in select activities focus on the points  of combination from the township , Style Council, women's federations, trade unions and other sector units proposals, put forward more than 10 winter tourismactivities, research and discussion them through seminars, communication, organization and coordination manner. In specific options,  with greater emphasis on combined three: First, create and use, combined with a focus on fixed-invasive; the second is combined with blood transfusion and focus on activating internal force; the third is a hardware and software combination to enhance the focus on content.
    Established the Directionality of activities, to guide the people participating in the second "ladder." Through the development of "the first horse-drawn sledge race Keketuohai program of activities" and established the leading group, the Association of Fuyun County horse sledge, guide farmers and herdsmen reported bottom-up participation to join the Association, participate in activities. In "winter tourism, full name to participate," the main line, the horse-drawn sledge race, horse-drawn sledge skill race, horse-drawn sledge assembly time trial and other rich people to participate in activities as winter tourism activities support. Currently in order to determine the future of winter tourism flagship projects a, four specific activities, horse sledge statistics have more than 200 the number of aircraft, activity bonuses 50,000 yuan, more than 2,000 people involved in the masses.
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