Earthquake history Events
1751 The first pendulum seismoscope.
1755 Lisbon earthquake inspired the attention of seismology.
1819 Bhuj earthquake jungle marsh It noted the role of the fault.
1826 Von Hoff (Von Hoff) began to publish an earthquake chronology.
1831 Poisson (Posisson) published solid elastic wave theory.
1855 Fisher (Fisher) to confirm the causes of earthquakes is faulting.
Napo in 1857 (Neapolitan) earthquake (Mallet, 1862).
1859 Mallet (Mallet) is estimated to occur each year eight times "earthquake"; and delivered the world's seismic activity diagram.
1872 Bethel (Bertelli) observed relationship between the pulsating and storms.
Hughes (Suess) scientists believe the earth fault can be formed earthquake.
1880 Milne (Milne) and Gray (Gray) in Japan recorded their first seismograms.
1883 kt Cato volcanic eruption: volcanic earthquakes and resulting tsunamis.
1885 Rayleigh (Lord Rayleigh) published Rayleigh wave theory.
1888 Mendenhall (Mendenhall) took the lead on seismic energy were estimated.
1889 · Percy von Li Boer Horowitz (Von Rebeur Paschewitz) get the first teleseismic record.
1891 Mino - Owari Earthquake (Koto, 1893).
1897 Weixie Te (Wiechert) assuming that the Earth has a core.
Earthquake India: Oldham (Oldham) to identify the seismic figure out the P and S waves.
1899 began to issue "Shide notice", later changed notification turned into "an international seismic data compilation (ISS)".
Knott (Knott) discuss the launch and refraction.
1901 International Association of Earthquake founded.
1904 Ram (Lamb) published the theory of wave from the pulse sources.
1906 Monte Syria Cadiz de Valor (Montessus de Ballore) published "Geography Seismology" (Geographie Seismologique).
Galitzin (Galitzin) developed electromagnetic seismograph.
San Francisco earthquake.
Aung root Hyster (Angenheister) first to attempt to measure the absorption.
1907 black Geluo Ci (Herglotz) shows how to calculate the change in velocity with depth.
Fusakichi Omori (Omori) proposed the theory of the empty area earthquake recurrence.
1908 Great Siberian meteorite impact generated earthquake.
1909 Cedar (Shida) observed the liftoff of the four-quadrant image.
1901 Reed (Reid) published elastic rebound theory.
莫霍洛维契 odd (Mohorovicic) found that the crust - mantle boundary.
1911 "Seismological Society of America Bulletin," founded.
Lufkin (Love) issued a "certain issues geodynamics."
Laibang Song (Leybenzon) must be pointed out that the core liquid.
1914 US Weather Bureau began collecting seismic data about the United States.
Gutenberg (Gutenberg) to measure the depth of the Earth's core.
Fei Moer (Fermor) proposed genesis phase to earthquakes.
1921 Tamu Si (Tams) recording speed under the ocean to the mainland higher than under.
1922 Turner (Turner) to prove some earthquake focal depth of greater than normal focal depth.
1923 Nakano (Nakano) the first motion picture with the couple stress linked.
Coast and Geodetic Survey is responsible for monitoring the US earthquake.
1924 Jeffreys (Jeffreys) with the "Earth" first edition.
Jeffreys 1925 he published his first article discusses the surface waves.
1926 Gutenberg predict the presence of low velocity layer.
Byerly (Byerly) began to study the liftoff.
1929 Grand Banks (Grand Banks) earthquake and tsunami.
1930 Benioff (Benioff) developed into a variable reluctance seismograph.
1932 Japan started to build the first tsunami warning system.
Benioff strain 1935 developed into a seismograph.
Jeffreys - Bullen (Jeffreys-Bullen) publish travel time table.
Kiyoo wadati (Wadati) pointed out that deep seismic images.
Lacoste (LaCoste) the introduction of zero-length spring seismometer.
Richter (Richter) magnitude scale invention.


2004 Indonesia earthquake triggered a huge tsunami, the death of 20 million people in Southeast Asia suffered heavy losses.
2008 China Wenchuan 8.0 earthquake, killing nearly 10 people.
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