The activity “Keketuohai is my home”make a sucess
    To promote the "love of home," "Praise the home", "home propaganda," and create a good social atmosphere, to learn scientific knowledge while enhancing young children. Presented by FUYUN Keketuohai resort management committee and Fuyun County Board of Education, Youth Activity Center Fuyun County, Xinjiang afar Travel Limited, northern Pearl Tourism Development Co., Ltd. jointly sponsored the first "Keketuohai is my home" series theme event a success on October 23.
    "Keketuohai is my home" series of activities in principle with the theme of new forms, content-rich , without affecting the normal teaching, the organization of the county schools to participate in this series of activities, which include: "I am cocoa care sea little artist, "" little Keketuohai instructors "two parts, covering painting, craft making, photography, writing, and other scenic spots to explain the content. Through the work of each reporting, auditing, screening, rating, and other aspects of the game, in one month's time to high standards and strict requirements for event planners. During the event collected a total of more than 500 copies of various types of entries, contestants from 40 instructors, 10 of whom were instructors explain in plain English, and the issuance of letters of appointment winning instructors, hired as Keketuohai small resort guide.
    The theme of activities to further enhance the sense of learning in students, to create awareness, sense of competition and ability to further enhance students' skills and knowledge, and enhance the cohesion and competitiveness of the class, the formation of a good school spirit and style of study. At the same time through the "Keketuohai is my home" series of theme activities to promote its geoscience knowledge in science, earth science education, education has been further strengthened.
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