Earth Day promotional activity
    April 22, to commemorate the 46th Earth Day, the management committee held a scientific knowledge of Earth Day campaign, the theme of this year's Earth Day is "reject water pollution,  and Imagination environmental protection water ."
    Management Committee can take full advantage of the "World Earth Day" campaign this opportunity ,to give full play to the publicity effect, outreach activities within the county, to arouse human caring for the earth, protect the homeland awareness, promote the coordinated development of resource development and environmental protection thus maintaining the overall environment is good Keketuohai national geological park.
     Activities to issuing leaflets, site to explain the way and let people come to participate in understanding the origin of Earth Day, Earth Day know the theme of the country over the years, in-depth understanding of what is established in the Chinese national geological parks, world geological park, and park geological heritage attractions, the main purpose of the establishment of world geological park. The campaign leaflets were distributed more than 500 copies.
    Through this activity, the majority of people recognized, to create a boot to protect land resources, ecological environment of care for a good atmosphere.
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