Color pattern is meaningful
    Kazakh nomadic culture is characterized by ethnic, clothing easy to ride, with its multi-ethnic clothing sheepskin, fox, deer skins, skins and other production, reflecting the characteristics of mountain grassland national life. Men's clothes wide, winter wear, "Thorn" (without the cloth, leather panels outwardly fur coat), wide belt tied at the waist, hanging beautifully knife pointy quadrilateral of "spit Mark" (fur hat ), wearing a felt tube, boots. Girls comb pigtail, wearing a cap inserted eagle feathers, dresses, dressed in black or red waistcoat, decorated chest coins or other metal decorations. In older women wearing "g g bamboo Association," "I even pull ruler" (made of white shawl), wearing a colorful floral dress and dark, black waistcoat jacket middle-aged women, older women with long external "lined loop "(clothes), wearing soft leather socks (" mas "), outside the boots shoes. Qing and Republican times, Bahia (livestock owners) dressed in elegant fabrics leather, silk unlined. Poor herders are ragged or seasons wrap a sheepskin coat.

    After the founding of new China, Kazakhs living standards improve, clothing also has changed dramatically. The early 1950s, in addition to animal fur, many people can wear cotton commoner. Residents divided by leather dress, but also to serve cotton cloth. The fifties and sixties, corduroy, fabric, cloth serge popular, shoes gradually replaced the boots, felt tube. 80 years, more men with suits Kazakh young people to the popular dress Sheng.
Inner child through hedging style high collar shirt, collar and more young people with colored embroidery patterns, Western-style vest jacket, outer wear cloth or fur coats, and gird belt, fasten the knife, easy diet, wearing easy riding big crotch pants, hat points winter, summer and autumn two kinds. Winter and spring hat with fox or budge spire four prism cap, about two ears fan, followed by a long tail fan, crowns with four ribs, this cap may cover the snow, air shelters ; summer and autumn hat is made of lamb's wool produced white hat, black hat with velveteen cuffs make this cap both rain and heatstroke. Men's shoes, boots made of leather and more.

    Kazakh women's clothing, colorful. They like to use white, red, green, light blue silk, cloth, wool and other textiles as raw material dresses, young girls and young women usually wear embroidered on the sleeve, multilayer flounced hem dress. Summer wear vest or jacket sleeve, cover winter coat, wear cotton coat when they go out. Women most exquisite hat and scarf. Unmarried girls summer tie a pretty triangular or square scarf, velvet winter wear one kind of crust dome caps, crowns decorated with owl feathers, a symbol of courage, firm. When the bride wearing one kind of peaked cap, there are embroidered with gold and silver jewelry decorated front also decorated with beads hanging over his face, after one year for wearing bandanas, children began to wear a shawl.
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