Urumqi 91st Primary School Study Tour
On 7 May 2019, the first class of Urumqi No.91 Primary School came to Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark and started the study trip to Keketuohai.On the morning of 8 May, at 10:00 am, after the flag-raising ceremony, the camp was officially opened.
In the first station of the study - Keketuohai geological exhibition hall, the students felt in the "development of mining" call of the times, Keketuohai old generation of mine builders overcame the cold, overcame hunger, overcame all the difficult and backward conditions, for the motherland to pay off the Soviet Union, foreign debt and for the "two times" of the foreign debt and for the "two times" of the foreign debt. Keketuohai old generation of mine builders overcame cold and hunger, overcame all the hardship and backward conditions, paid off the foreign debt of the Soviet Union for the motherland and made extraordinary contributions to the cause of the "two bombs and one star", and the spirit of Keketuohai, which is "hard work, selfless dedication, hard-working, and strive for the glory of the country", touched them and inspired them greatly!
The second station, hiking down the No. 3 vein treasure hunt is the most exciting students, although the treasure hunt process is very hard, but the thought of the old miners once here in the mountain, rock-cutting, rock digging treasure of all kinds of hardship, they do not feel tired. They also wanted to bring home the "gems" of Keketuohai through their own efforts and give a special gift to their parents!
 Ayiguozi mine pit is the third station of the study tour, the mine contains beryl, lithium pyroxene, mica, quartzite and other ore resources to the students were surprised, the old miners in the past, a hammer and a chisel dug out of the deep mines more students feel great and shocking. Pushing the mine car in the mine in the past miners pushed, the students feel the hard work and efforts of the miners in the past, out of the mine, the students carried out the "I am a small miner" experience activities, through the picking up ore, pushing the ore experience activities, the students have a lot of feelings, have said that these builders are very difficult, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of hardship, courage to work hard and take responsibility, the courage to work hard and take responsibility, the students feel great and shock. They are not afraid of difficulties and hardships, and they are brave to struggle and take responsibility, dedicating themselves to the construction and development of the country. They should also study hard to be a useful talent to the country and the society!
At the fourth station of the experience tour - Keketuohai Hydropower Station, the rumbling turbine unit hidden 136 metres deep underground seemed to tell the story of the difficulties and dangers of the old-generation builders when they built the power station, and the words scribbled on the wall, "What is meant by work, work is a struggle? The slogans scrawled on the wall, "What is work? Work is struggle" and "Make a decision, not afraid of sacrifice, overcome all difficulties and strive for victory" deeply shook the students' hearts and made them rise in admiration.    After the trip to Keketuohai, the 91st Primary School of Urumqi City and the teachers and students of the school in Keketuohai Township carried out a friendship, formed mutual assistance pairs, and jointly exchanged advanced teaching and learning experiences.
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