Geopark and Wuhan University of Science and Technology jointly establish "social practice base for u
On 19th August, Wuhan University of Technology (WUST) and No.3 Mine of Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark held a signing and awarding ceremony for the establishment of a social practice base for university students. Since then, Wuhan University of Technology in Xinjiang, the first university student practice base was officially established.
In the course of the discussion, Wuhan University of Technology Youth League Committee Deputy Secretary Cao Yiming said, before coming to Keketuohai, had listened to the school Professor Zhu Yingbo told Keketuohai many touching stories, this time very fortunate to come to Keketuohai, after an in-depth understanding of the Keketuohai older generation of mine workers, "for the country to share the worry" story of the heart. I was strongly shocked.
The establishment of Wuhan University of Technology in Keketuohai as the first "social practice base for university students" in Xinjiang will definitely help our teachers and students to explore the red marks, dig deeper into the red cultural resources, continue the red genes, and draw the power of progress.
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