Xinjiang Normal University carries out geological science popularisation activities in Keketuohai
Recently, more than 50 teachers and students from Xinjiang Normal University came to Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark to participate in the practical activities of geological science for university students. The Geopark organised visits to the Geological Exhibition Hall, the No.3 Mine, the Ayiguozi Mine Pit, the underground deep-water hydroelectric power station, the 87-66 Election Plant, etc., to feel the geological wonders and understand the hard times. Visiting Keketuohai Geopark Museum, the story of the twentieth century, the 1950s and 1960s floated in front of the teachers and students, lecturer Qiao Li Pan said with emotion after explaining: "Xinjiang Normal University teachers and students are listening very carefully, when I told the story of that period of hard times, some students are wet, they said, did not think that the previous generations in that difficult environment is also could go forward and must learn from their forefathers." "How to make students come to Keketuohai not vain and learn something is what we have been thinking and exploring in our Geopark." Tan Shengli spoke, "Keketuohai is not only a geological treasure, but also a spiritual treasure. The spirit of Keketuohai is created by every piece of history and every ancestor here." "Time passes, and when the mystery of Keketuohai is unveiled, one can't help but be shocked and moved by the history behind it." When visiting the hydroelectric power station 136 metres deep underground, a teacher from Xinjiang Normal University exclaimed, "The construction and development of the motherland requires our students to inherit the courage of their forefathers to take up the responsibility, the ability to take up the responsibility well, and the perseverance of taking up the responsibility to the end. We are very satisfied with this trip."
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