"Big Hands, Little Hands" Learning and Touring Programme
Recently, students of the First Primary School of Fuyun County went to the Museum of Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark to carry out the activity of "Big Hands Pulling Little Hands". The children listened attentively to the lecturer's description of Keketuohai's transformation, protection and use of existing resources and the development of ecological civilisation in the Irtysh River basin. Dinara, a primary school student who took part in the activity, said, "My hometown is getting more and more beautiful, I want to take care of it with my classmates and protect it, so that the water of the Irtysh River will always be clear and transparent."
Through this "big hand pulling small hand" activities, the children in the see think, listen to remember, from childhood to establish respect for nature, adapt to nature, nature protection of the concept of ecological civilisation, feel the mountains, water, flowers, trees, a group of warblers in a beautiful and harmonious picture, and to jointly build a beautiful world to contribute to the power of the small me.
Keketuohai National Geopark
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