Inheriting the Red Gene and Understanding the Hard Times
Recently, more than 70 teachers and students from Xinjiang Normal University came to Keketuohai UNESCO Global Geopark for study, and visited the No. 3 Mine, Ayiguozi Mine Pit and other red education points to inherit the red genes and understand the hard times.
In the visit to the Ayiguozhi Mine Pit, we close intuitive feeling of the old generation of miners model mining hard and difficult, listened to the last century 50s and 60s three vein as the Chinese nation "hero mine" "meritorious mine" touching story.
Student Wang Yifan said: "Through this study tour, let me feel the 1960s miners and workers their selfless dedication to the spirit of our generation of young people will study harder to build our beautiful Xinjiang, build our motherland."
Wang Yazhe, a student, said, "We visited the Ayiguozhi Mine Pit, and the greatest feeling I got was that without the dedication of their older generation, we wouldn't have the happy life we have today. As the youth of the new era, we have to be firm in our ideals and beliefs, learn from this spirit in the older generation, and really do not forget the original intention and move forward."
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