Summer Study Camp, Never Stop Dreaming!
Recently, the Geopark carried out a parent-child study activity with the theme of "Learning Science and Loving Fuyun". 20 groups of parent-child families participated in this study activity and observed the Butterfly Paradise in Ashel Village of Kulte Township, Fuyun County Agricultural Science and Technology Museum, and Xinjiang Gobi Fruit Fragrance Agricultural Development Co.
The first station came to the Kurt Township Ashel Ecological Butterfly Paradise, where the children felt the beautiful picture scrolls coming out of their faces, and were deeply attracted by the colourful butterflies of different sizes, discussing with great interest the butterfly species they had seen. Under the explanation of the lecturer, they learnt about the long history of butterfly culture, watched the difficult process of breaking the cocoon into a butterfly, explored the mysteries of butterflies, had a close contact with natural animals, enhanced the children's awareness of protecting biodiversity, and raised the consensus of respecting the law of natural development and harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature.
Then we came to the Agricultural Science and Technology Museum, which integrates modern science and technology display and popular science education. The children were particularly excited by the wide variety of scientific and technological equipment, and accompanied by their parents, they experienced microscopes, VR glasses, 3D glasses and other equipment. Through personal experience, the children understood many scientific mysteries and felt the rapid development of science and technology as well as the great changes brought by science and technology to mankind. The magic and depth of science and technology, inspired them to seriously study, discover and explore the rich knowledge of science, enhance the students' interest in science and innovation, and inspire the passion to speak science, love science, learn science.
Finally, the team came to Xinjiang Gobi Fruit Fragrance Agricultural Development Co., Ltd, which is an agricultural industrialised enterprise with deep processing of blackcurrant, sea buckthorn and other small berries as the leading industry, and an idyllic complex integrating agricultural experience, leisure and entertainment. The lecturer introduced the development history of blackcurrant in Fuyun County to parents and children, and watched the series of products made of blackcurrant, such as jam, fruit cake, fruit tea, dried fruit, beverage, etc. The children watched with great devotion, and were eager to "eat" these agricultural speciality products. Under the colorful explanation of the lecturer, the children had a deeper understanding of blackcurrant, not only know the rich nutritional value of blackcurrant, but also understand the important economic status of blackcurrant. The children went into the orchard, picked blackcurrants with their parents, harvested the joy of labour, felt nature, tasted nature, embraced nature, and grew up in practice!
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