National Science Day Action 2023
With the theme of "Experiencing Science and Letting Dreams Fly", the exhibition set up sound and light experience, sports melody, mathematical charm, healthy life, etc., so that young people could feel the charm of science in the experience. Altay Science and Technology Association will set scientific, knowledge, fun, operation in one of the popular science caravan in the progress of the area, fully functional caravan just like a mobile science and technology museum, attracted many students to watch. In the mobile science exhibition area, many science exhibits vividly demonstrated to the exhibitors the knowledge of mathematics, physics and general knowledge of life, etc. The students were eager to do the operation and felt the charm of science from a distance.
It is understood that the exhibition activities for a week, for the masses of cadres to send a wealth of popular science meal, to create a "talk about science, love science, science, science, with science," a strong atmosphere.
In recent years, Altay Science and Technology Association gives full play to the role of the main force of popular science, organising the majority of science and technology workers, science experts, science and technology informants and science and technology volunteers to participate, widely mobilise the social forces, enriching the content and means of popular science, and continue to promote the popular science of all people, the whole region, and help to enhance the quality of science for all people.
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