Entering schools to carry out popular science education on disaster prevention and mitigation
November every year is the fire propaganda month, in order to promote the majority of teachers and students to pay attention to the fire, support the fire, participate in the fire, to enhance fire safety knowledge, and effectively strengthen the ability of school teachers and students to cope with emergencies, so that they master the emergency, self-help and mutual aid skills, November 1, Fuyun Forest Fire Brigade into Keketuohai Vocational and Technical School of the Altai region, to "119" propaganda month as an opportunity to actively carry out "fire education in the school, safety knowledge in mind" series of activities. November 1, Fuyun County Forest Fire Brigade entered the Altay Region Koktohai Vocational and Technical School to take the opportunity of the "119" publicity month to actively carry out a series of activities of "firefighting education in the school, safety knowledge in mind".
Brigade for the current seasonal disaster characteristics, to education and guidance as a hand, the fire engine into the campus, for teachers and students to carry out fire safety education, through theoretical lectures, fire equipment and equipment show, interactive experience and other ways to strengthen the school teachers and students fire safety awareness. "Campus is an important place for teachers and students to carry out learning and life, fire safety risk prevention should not be ignored. Many thanks to the Fuyun County Forest Fire Brigade for coming to our school to organise this activity, which provides a strong guarantee for campus fire safety." Jiangtrek Khatran, head of the defence section of Keketuohai Vocational and Technical School in Altay region, said.
At the lecture site, the lecturer Zhao Xiangrui combined the current seasonal characteristics and typical disaster cases to explain to the students the dangers of disasters and the need to learn fire safety knowledge. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of the home, campus and other places where students are often located, how to find fire hazards, how to prevent fire accidents, how to correctly deal with the occurrence of fire, how to correctly use fire fighting equipment, the identification of daily fire safety signs and escape self-help, etc., to guide the students to pay attention to fire safety, caring fire safety facilities and equipment, do not pull the wires in the dormitory, the use of high-power electrical appliances, regulate the charging of electric vehicles. Electrical appliances, standardise the parking and charging of electric vehicles, etc., guiding teachers and students to "small hands pull big hands, build a firewall".
By carrying out this activity, with diversified, interesting form of popular fire safety knowledge, so that the whole school teachers and students more intuitive and deep understanding of the importance of preventing various types of disasters, enhance the teachers and students fire safety awareness and self-prevention and self-help capabilities. The next step, the brigade will continue to carry out fire safety activities in the jurisdiction of the campus, for the "119" fire publicity work has laid a solid foundation to ensure that the fire safety publicity into more schools, to build a campus fire safety defence line.
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