Building an Ecological Barrier and Protecting a Green Home
On August 15, the staff of the Geopark carried out publicity activities to meet the first "National Ecological Day" with the theme of "Green Water and Green Mountains are Golden Mountains and Silver Mountains" in the Golden Camel Square of Fuyun County and in the areas under the jurisdiction of 17 management stations in the Fuyun Forest District.
At the activity site, the staff actively guided the masses to establish the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden silver mountains" by hanging banners, placing display boards, explaining on-site, broadcasting audio and video, and distributing publicity materials, etc., and endeavoured to raise the awareness of ecological protection of the ethnic groups, create a strong atmosphere of ecological protection, and enhance the awareness and consciousness of participating in the ecological protection of the ethnic groups. consciousness of thought and action, so that more people participate in the construction of ecological civilisation and green development.
Kurt Township Suput village villagers Baheng Ahati said, "Today's propaganda is very meaningful, I will also work with all the farmers and herdsmen to protect the forest and jointly guard the green home."
The theme of the publicity a total of 60 personnel, all types of vehicles 34, hanging banners 5, display boards 8, issued more than 700 copies of various types of publicity materials, such as the forest management system, forest and prairie fire prevention, wildlife protection, wetland protection and prevention and control of forestry pests, and received a very good publicity effect.
Staff said: "This activity we through face-to-face publicity laws and regulations and explain the wildlife protection law and forest protection and fire prevention common sense, to farmers and herdsmen popular ecological environmental protection knowledge, set up to protect the ecological environment, cherish the concept of wildlife plant."
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