Carrying out special treatment for wildlife protection
On 23rd November, the Geopark held a joint meeting with the Fuyun Branch of the Altai Mountain State Forestry Administration, the Altai Mountain Two Rivers Nature Reserve Administration, the Fuyun County Market Supervision Administration and other departments to strengthen the protection of birds and other wildlife in winter.
The meeting on the joint efforts to combat illegal and criminal wildlife resources to make arrangements for the deployment of the relevant work, collaborative promotion of the fight against "online and offline" illegal trade in wildlife resources, punish the destruction of wildlife crimes, maintain biological security, ecological security, and promote the harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature.
After the meeting, publicity activities were carried out in the Golden Camel Square. Staff through the distribution of promotional materials, hanging banners, on-site explanation, etc., the "love birds, bird awareness, bird protection" voice into the square, into the market, so that the majority of residents, shop operators to understand the birds and wildlife, know that birds are friends of mankind, the protection of birds, the protection of wildlife on the promotion of man and nature in harmony, the construction of ecological civilisation is of great significance. Ecological civilisation is of great significance, and actively mobilise people to participate in the love of birds, bird protection and the protection of wildlife.
Resident Bahti Uzhimu Khan said, "There are many wild birds in Fuyun County, and each of us should start from ourselves to care for forests and wetlands, protect the habitat of birds, and create a beautiful and comfortable home for them."
At the same time, the joint law enforcement department and its team also went deep into the Xinyuan Market in Fuyun County to check whether there were acts of selling and acquiring wild animals, plants and their products, and to publicise to shop operators that wild animals and plants are prohibited from entering the market, and to advocate that everyone consciously abide by the law and refrain from hunting and trapping, selling and consuming wild animals.
Fuyun police station deputy director Talihaer Shaken said: "in the future work, one is to crack down on illegal and criminal acts involving wildlife and wildlife products, give full play to the public security investigation power, increase the clues mapping collection efforts. The second is to strengthen the linkage, form synergy, and strengthen the joint working mechanism to ensure that the work is effective."
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